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Jem Woolley



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Connected Nottingham has been developed by Accelerate Nottingham as a marketing initiative to promote ICT investment in the conurbation. Accelerate Nottingham is the leading think-tank on ICT issues for the Greater Nottingham area. Drawing on a wide range of technical knowledge, experience and leadership it seeks to demonstrate how ICT initiatives can be used to tackle economic and social challenges and acts as a partnership vehicle for the funding and delivery of integrated conurbation-wide ICT projects.

Description of Concept

The Connected Nottingham Living Lab will facilitate Nottingham’s key public agencies, businesses and citizens to work together to develop innovative ICT infrastructure through Next Generation Access (NGA) networks offering super- fast broadband connections to public and private organisations and providing technical support for economic and social regeneration. We will exchange experience and knowledge with other members on innovative and creative ICT projects, using this enhanced know-how to further develop high quality localised projects and services and, potentially, new European cooperation projects.

1) A Greater Nottingham Network Cooperative will develop an NGA network covering a partnership of public agencies. This project will combine individual agency’s networks onto a common platform, creating possibilities for improvements to service delivery and working practices. Work is currently underway to map partner organisations’ existing networks and to formalise a structure to manage the aggregated networks.

2) Businesses’ ability to innovate is greatly enhanced by the availability of increased bandwidth. The Ultraband project will explore the connectivity needs of businesses within Nottingham and will work towards establishing a framework and funding package for implementation of an NGA network for the business community within a pilot area of the city.

3) The Connected Nottingham Living Lab is committed to R & D in a range of partnership-focussed and user-driven, innovative ICT projects, which will augment this Living Lab as it evolves. Examples include the development of Digital Business Ecosystems (DBEs) for the bioscience and creative industry sectors and the promotion of e-government initiatives for local citizens.

References and Track Record

The Connected Nottingham Living Lab supports and works with local and regional organisations including:

· East Midlands Development Agency and Greater Nottingham Partnership

· Learning & Skills Council and Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services

· Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council

· Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham and New College Nottingham

· Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry

· Nottinghamshire Police

As a lead member of DC10plus, a collaborative body of local authorities and partners whose vision is to promote digital inclusion, we are now working on several projects that embrace flexible working; homeshoring being one prime example of this style of working in action. Homeshoring brings the world of work right to peoples’ doorsteps – giving people the opportunity to work from home handling calls on behalf of call centres by using technology including broadband and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) installed in their homes.