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Dr. Belinda Chen, +886-227139000, Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS), Institute for Information Industry, 8F, No. 133, Sec. 4, Minsheng E. Rd., 105, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Living Lab Taiwan located in Taipei promotes the open innovation in a live environment involved real uses, and has been launched in June 2008. It is operated by Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS), Institute for Information Industry (III). III, a national research and development organization, is the think tank of national strategic policies to help government improve information industry competitiveness in the world. Leveraging the resources of technology, research and application development capability of III, Living Lab Taiwan is a best place to design, test, and verify service/business models of innovative ideas. The Living Lab bridges the gaps between research, development and tangible applications in a real world through the use of new people inspired tools and methods.

Description of Concept

Living Lab Taiwan sets up experimental platforms in Minsheng community in Taipei, in order to work with local habitants and community groups to test the living lab applications and promote open innovation activities. The Living Lab Show Case, launched in November 2008, is to provides facilities and space which enables rich interaction with service providers and end users to co-create new service models. It is a studio for demo the applications and scenarios for innovative use of technology and new services. Living Lab Taiwan has worked with Fraunhofer Institutes IAO Germany to develop the Service Experience Engineer (SEE) methodology to establish the foundation for user driven innovations. Currently we have developed the following key areas of interest to create new digital lifestyles:

- Smart shopping: 3-in-1 Smart Pay, Smart Vending Machine, and RFID Interactive Smart Shopping System.

- Education: Chinese Speaking Self-Learning Remote System.

- Digital Intelligent living: Integrated intelligent home automation application, Video- based Positioning System, and Intelligent Surveillance Service.

- E-Health: Respiratory Care System, Personal Health Assistant, and Emotion Ring.

References and Track Record

Living Lab Taiwan has had several successful innovation projects, recent research activities have included:

- 3-in-1 Smart Pay: It integrates the payment and membership card to allow customers to shop and get discounts/bonus with a single card, It also allows the storekeepers to analyze customers’ purchasing behaviors by automatically collection of customers’ data.

- RFID Interactive Smart Shopping System: Taking advantages of RFID technology makes stores acquire unique product information such as producing company, region of country, unit price, calories possible. The innovative and breath-breaking application will lead to a new era of shopping style with functions of product manufacturing pedigree searching, anti-counterfeit and express checking out.

- Chinese Speaking Self-Learning Remote System: The system includes digital contents and voice matching software for users to practice the pronunciation to enhance speaking ability. Remote service is provided so the users can interact with online teachers to solve their grammar problems from learning.

- Emotion Ring: The wireless “Emotion Ring” collects Bio-feedbacks by measuring patients’ surface temperature on the fingers. It has the ability to form a specialized network which can be used in group therapies and feed back measured data to doctors for analysis.

- Respiratory Care Clinical Information System (RCIS) and Tele-consultation Service: The System allows hospitals to create best respiratory care program with proactive care model, built on a powerful computer technology that improve quality, operating efficiency, and economic performance.