Airport Living Lab

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Project Manager Håkan Ozan, +46 768 861 032, CSC Sverige AB, SE-195 87 Stockholm, Sweden

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The Airport Living Lab project is a joint effort between the Swedish Aviation Authority, SAS Ground Services and CSC Sweden to establish a Living Lab that can continuously improve the airport processes at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. The project is also performing research on the evolution of the Living Labs concept with respect to open innovation in collaboration with the National IT-user Center at Uppsala University and Stockholm School of Economics.


The project aims at making Stockholm-Arlanda Airport one of the world's most innovative and user- friendly airports.


By harnessing the concept of multi-organizational open innovation Stockholm-Arlanda Airport will multiply its pace of innovation by involving all airport stakeholders, such as passengers and personnel,  into the innovation process.


The Airport Living Lab project has two main objectives: • To perform high-quality research on open innovation and Living Labs concepts and adapting  these to an airport environment.  • To establish a self-sustaining Airport Living Lab at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.   

Initial partners

The project has received research funding from VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, and the project is being run by:

• LFV Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

• SAS Ground Services

• CSC 

• National IT-user Center (NITA) at Uppsala university

• Center for Information and Communication Research, CIC at Stockholm School of Economics   


The project has during its second phase during the autumn 2008 focused on piloting the entire open innovation process with supporting processes and governance structure.