Segovia Tech Living Lab

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Agustín Lopez Neira, Managing Director phone +34 921 412 798 Círculo de las Artes y la Tecnología, Plaza Mayor 1 40001 Segovia Spain

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Segovia Tech Living Lab is leaded by ”Círculo de las Artes y la Tecnología”/Center of Arts and Technology (CAT). The program includes exhibition, meeting and education spaces around the concepts of humanities and technology. CAT is an essential element in the configuration of the urban structure proposed for Segovia, qualifying the south of the town as an area of new enlargement and close to new high speed railway station.

Functional axis of CAT will be a series of activities that shall act as generating areas distributed around two element topologies:

1.- Service units, which will fulfill the strategic objectives of the CAT, which are Centre for Innovation and Business Development, Arts, Exhibitions and Congress Centre and the Knowledge and Information Society Centre.

2.- Business units, which complement the offer of infrastructure in the scopes of accommodations, leisure and parking, necessary for the appropriate functioning of the CAT.

The master plan structures these units in a set of ten buildings which are arranged around three squares, where the main square gathers the main elements of the CAT. Areas of performance currently being developed are related to following main topics:

— Animation, Advertising, Videogames

— ICT Energy Efficiency (green data center best practices)

— Digital contents (TDT, IPTV, mobile platform) 

— Tourims Research Centre

— Interactive Art

References and Track Record

CAT is involved on Techmedia (Communications Technologies and Digital Media) industry. Our projects and activities comprise creation and promotion of digital contents, training, observatories and open source tools developments regarding areas of interest like 3D virtual platforms (, animation, video games, simulation environments, arts, e-learning, interactive/transactional TV, new tourism solutions and mobile platform solutions. Energy efficiency projects like Green Data Center best practices are also in our commitments.