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Fundació Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme ( Dr. Léonard Janer ( C/Vallveric 85, 08304 Mataró, Spain

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TCM Lab is the natural growth of a different number of projects undertaken at Tecnocampus Foundation, pursuing the open innovation methodology and collaborating deeply with end users in the definition, the prototyping and the evolution of platforms on some of the main areas on the institution. Those areas are mainly healthcare applications, media applications, mobile technology applications and biosecure applications. Our expertise on those areas and on PPPP approaches for some years should be the biggest contribution of TCM Lab to this European Network.

By the other side, what we expect from the network, mainly is the possibility to cooperate with other labs, and to share with them experiences, projects, methodology and enthusiasm. Most of the applications and projects, based on users contribution and participation, taking open innovation as a rule, can be tested at one site and then replicated to other sites. This should be the objective of the network: share experiences and contribute with different group of users to acquire the biggest knowledge from users and institution for better solutions.


Mission/objectives of the living lab

a)    To empower the regional innovation system through user- centric methodologies.

b)    To enhance the adoption of the innovation by the market (Market-pull).

c)    To work with short cycles of innovation, linked to market needs.

d)    To ensure the rapid spread of innovations to exploit the competitive advantages generated.

The Fundació Tecnocampus is a public-owned institution which has the mission to run a Technology Park in the city of Mataró, 30 kilometres north from Barcelona. Mataró is a medium- sized city with 120.000 inhabitants and is the capital for the region of Maresme, with 400.000 inhabitants. The scientific and innovation park TecnoCampusMataró will provide the companies located inside the facilities with a space offering the following advantages:

1.- Optimum connections regarding both communication (Barcelona- Girona airports) and telecommunication infrastructures. On the Park some new Gigabit technology rings are going to be promoted.

2.- A privileged location in Maresme region, around a top-quality environment right before the sea. The park will become a unique architectural environment.

3.- Mataró is a medium-sized city with a wide range of services to individuals and companies.

4.- Mataró has been largely involved in promoting new technologies as a key factor for development as well as training specialists in the field through its university offer.

TCM has been recognised as a technology park by the Spanish Association of Technology Parks (APTE). The formal recognition as a Park provides access to public tenders for specific R+D grants for resident companies and the integration into national and international networks, in which information on bidding processes and technology offers and demands is offered.

TCM offers specialised services to resident companies, such as the Technological Surveillance service, for the collaboration in finding solutions and partners for the implementation of projects, or the University Support service, which strengthens the relation between the companies and the university and technological spaces in order to promote narrow collaborations under a university vision.

TCM strengthens the position of the universities and research and development centres of the city by enhancing scalability and establishing itself as a node in national and international networks of technology and knowledge.

As a basic guideline of its actions, open- innovations are being implemented, engaging several public and private institutions in pioneer projects mainly in the areas of media and healthcare, with mobile communications and services and biosecure applications on a second level of strength. Through the university research and technological development that take place in the specialised centres, TecnoCampus allows fast application of advanced technology, working as a platform for the consolidated sectors with a greater weight in the region (textile, building industry and tourism) and for the emerging sectors with good future potential (healthcare, media, biometrics and urban planning). TCM Lab focuses on healthcare (dependencies) and media.

References and Track Record

Healthcare focus. As a living lab the focus strikes on user- centric innovation for people who suffer some degree of disability. The living lab works with several private and public institutions and associations, integrates family, people affected by some sort of dependency, health professionals and caregivers.Media focus: The TCM Lab works with the local university, which offers an undergraduate degree in Media.User driven approach used This new model of innovation requires specific instruments aimed at:

1.- Experimentation: Creating models and prototypes in controlled environments.

2.- Segmentation: Knowing and working with different market segments, bringing the results of the first phase to the market.

3.- Scale: replication of services developed and growth in larger markets.

Specific experience from users/citizens engagement The main project in the area of units to date has been developed thanks to the demands of users, which triggered the process of developing new technological applications based on improving the usability of ICT among persons suffering from heavy dependence ( above 33%). The Institution has also been working on projects involving students community at University, and some applications where SME were the core.

TCM Lab is developing a virtual community which has won the support of the regional government and the state government for being pioneer in its action. TCM Lab (Tecnocampus Foundation has been active on the mcluster project, EC founded)Scale and type of key activities performed (regional/national/EU) Tecnocampus Foundation, is being active within the CatLab project (a regional living labs project pursuing methodological practices, and focus projects). From a national perspective healthcare projects and media projects have been funded for a two years period, and from a European vision, the participation of Tecnocampus Foundation, on mcluster projects for years has been an important focus of expertise for the group on open innovation and living labs methodology sharing projects and ideas all around Europe.Visibility and dissemination of Living Lab activities Tecnocampus Foundation, has not been working deeply on visibility on the last years, but on projects definition and consolidation. One of the most visible projects (la mosqueta, was done involving EUPMT and Fundació El Maresme, that are together with TCM the core of CITAP.