Zaragoza Living Lab

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Ricardo Pedrol, Managing Director phone +34618732040 Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation. Coso 57 50001 Zaragoza Spain

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ZARAGOZA LIVING LAB (ZLL) is the user-centric innovation system under the umbrella of the Milla Digital (Digital Mile) initiative, a big urban project now on course which will transform more than 100 ha. of former railway facilities in the center of Zaragoza, Spain, into a space for innovation and creativity.  The experimental facility will configure a City of Innovation and Knowledge, where housing, companies and facilities will exist together under a common orientation fully engaged in knowledge-intensive activities, an urban development of great quality and advanced  telecommunications infrastructures which both the residents and the businesses located will benefit from.   

Description of Concept

The general design concept of Zaragoza LivingLab consists in both the visual and functional union of different elements through a network of facilities and public spaces designed for educational and multiple community uses and special urban elements.  This network will be comprised both of digital elements and of physical elements that will be superimposed within the urban space.

PHYSICAL ELEMENTS: these are organised along  Milla Digital and Paseo del Agua . DIGITAL ELEMENTS: these will overlay and complete the physical framework 

– Digital infrastructures: Digital street furniture elements.

– Ambient technology: Wireless access will provide a base level of service for public places.

– Digital public places: Digital places will support the different activities and will foster the relationship between people and public spaces by responding to the users’ needs.  

References and Track Record

The Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Milla Digital has launched different projects related to social interaction with ICTs, digitally enhanced street furniture, location-based information services, etc. in order to create the innovation networks and the social and technological knowledge. After three years of dissemination activities, we have several stories involving Zaragoza's people in using, learning and working with technologies. The most recent case is Zivis Project (, an initiative of grid computing now running with the participation of more than 1.800 users to create a “virtual super computer”. This huge calculation power is being used for an experiment at the Spanish National Laboratory of Fusion. Other project related to e-mobility services GUVI, or an instant video streaming service ( by different groups of citizens are now on course. Zaragoza Living Lab is a project led by the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, an institution developped by the City of Zaragoza with the partnership of private companies like Telefonica, Endesa, Siemens, Ibercaja and CAI.