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Information doc: 

Piero De Sabbata,

piero.desabbata@enea.it, tel. +39 051 6098322

Pieraugusto Pozzi, piero.pozzi@forumti.it, tel. +39 051 6098335 c/o ENEA Via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4 - 40129 Bologna

Effective member: 

X-LAB is a laboratory, situated in Bologna, in the northern Italy, dedicated to the technologies for interoperability and enterprise networking and to their transfer and adoption towards networks of enterprises (mainly manufacturing in textile-clothing, tiles, agrofood and mechanical industry) with a specific focus on standards and on small and middle enterprises (SMEs).


X-LAB is the result of a joint initiative of ENEA (a state owned Italian research instution, www.enea.it) and FTI (Forum per la Tecnologia dell’Informazione, www.forumti.it, a no profit organisation of ICT providers and customers) launched in 2003 and following 13 years of activities of ENEA in the field of the industrial districts and networks of enterprises in Italy.

From a technological and scientific point of view the key aspects are:

- fully adoption of xml based technologies 

- participation to definition, adaptation and adoption of eBusiness standards

- implementation and development of (demonstrative) tools to facilitate/speed-up the setting up of the collaboration in the enterprise networks

- ontologies to manage from a semantic point of view common dictionaries and ‘document factory’based upon the dictionaries.

The approach of X-LAB is based on case studies, potentially generalizable to whole sectors, and is:

- strictly connected with territory or sectorial supply chains

- multidisciplinary (ICT technologies as well as organisational impact)

- problem driven

- with an integrated vision of the problems from the business case analysis and requirement collection until the research activities

- with close connections with all the actors like research institutions, technology providers, industry associations and local authorities

- open standard oriented.

Networks of XLAB

X-LAB is connected to international networks:

- VLAB eu; Virtual Laboratory on Interoperability technologies (www.interop-vlab.eu) and its Italian branch VLab.it (www.interop-vlab.it, see also here )

- ETP-TCF, European Technology platform for the Future Textile Clothing industry (textile-platform.eu) 

- OASIS, ebusiness standardisation consortium(www.oasis-open.org

- CEN-eBIF, focus group on standards for eBUsiness interoperability (sito)

- CEN-WS BII, European workshop on standard for pubblic eProcurement(sito)

- European network of Living Labs (www.openlivinglabs.eu and www.enoll.org).

Through ENEA UTT the laboratory partecipates to the European networks on technology transfer.

References and Track Record

The activities of X-LAB can be grouped in three main areas:

1 - technology transfer projects and demonstrators, closely related with territorial demands

- technology animation and demonstration on local scale (Centro CROSS, LISEA lab) andsupport to the creation of center of services at district level (TRAME, DDTA Puglia)

- sectorial specific projects of technology transfer or standard promotion (DDTA-Innovazione Italia)

- dissemination and training material (paper based or web managed courses) jointly with FADcenter of ENEA

2 - Building, promotion and adaptation/contextualisation of interoperability standards and dictionaries

- promotion or partecipation to the creation of B2B standards (CEN/ISSS TexWeave, Moda-ML, collaborations with OASIS on UBL and ebXML, eBIZ-TCF project, UBL-Italia initiative)

- awareness creation and fostering the B2B standard adoption (collaborations with Euratex, CEN/ISSS, eBIZ-TCF project)

- participation to roadmapping activities in the fields of standards and Enterprise interoperability(CEN/ISSS eBIF, eBiz, European Technology Platform for Future Textile Clothing)

3 - Research on Enterprise Interoperability and enterprise networking (collaboration with VLAB.it)

- Semantic based tools to support new standardisation paradigms (TexWIN)

- ICT support for establishing extended smart organisations and supply networks

- Collaboration processes modelling and profile/agreement management

- Self-adapting data exchange interfaces 4 – Research in applications of ICT for energy efficiency (SeesGen).