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Pavel Gnip president of presidium gnip@wirelessinfo.cz phone +420602778192 Karel Charvat project manager charvat@wirelessinfo.cz phone +420604617327 WIRELESSINFO, Cholinská 1048/19, 784 01 Litovel, Czech Republic, www.wirelessinfo.cz

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Czech Republic

WIRELESSINFO is a virtual research village which brings together SMEs, research and industry. The focus of the WIRELESSINFO is new development, testing and exploitation of services and technologies for spatial data management in areas of rural development including agriculture and forestry, emergency systems, logistics and public administration.

Description of Concept

The objective of WIRELESSINFO is to use the full potential by implementing existing and new web- based GIS solutions to improve the quality of decisions in the public and private sectors, improve employment opportunities for the residents of rural areas, strengthen the rural economy and support the creation of solutions for emergency cases and transport. This situation provides a rationale for the utilisation of a new spatial knowledge management systems based on emerging geo-information technologies for a more efficient collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of agricultural information. Such systems need to be user-friendly and, simultaneously, able to perform real scientific multi-criteria analyses: Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). These relatively new geo-information technologies are particularly suitable for the systematic assessment and monitoring of rural areas. WIRELESSINFO not only supports the development and utilisation of new solutions but also actively participates in European and global standardisation activities. It participates actively in the INSPIRE and UNSDI initiatives and also actively contributes through its members in OGC standardisation activities.

References and Track Record

WIRELESSINFO was founded in 2003 by the Czech participants of the WIRELESSINFO IST 1999- 21056 project to share the knowledge created inside of the project and to continue the successful work of the Czech partners. The objective of WIRELESSINFO was initially to introduce mobile geospatial solutions into rural development, emergency situations and transport. The activity of WIRELESSINFO and its members was divided into three directions: applied research in area of geospatial technologies, standardisation effort in national, European and global scale and implementation of mobile and geospatial solutions into everyday life through its members. Direct participation of end users in research and development is the main priority of WIRELESSINFO. Research projects carried out by WIRELESSINFO and its members are, for example: Wirelessinfo, Premathmod, Aforo, DaVinci , ReGeo, Voice, AMI4FOR, Ami@netfood, c@r, Humboldt. Czech National Projects: Navlog, SpravaDat. MobilDat, GeoPlany, Prezem, Geovisualisation in crisis management. In standardization field WIRELESSINFO actively participates in the implementation of INSPIRE principles and also in directive building. Its contribution to OGC standardization activities mainly in the area of Web Mapping Services, Web Catalogue Services and Web Processing Services are also significant. As examples of the commercialization of research results, the Web based collaborative environment for farm management “Prefarm” and the car tracking and management system “Navlog” should be mentioned.