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Mrs. Franca Pieretti, fpieretti@ambientesc.it ambiente s.c. – Via Frassina, 21 – 54033 Carrara, Italy Tel. +39-0585-855624 - Fax +39-0585-855617

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Rationale and Objectives

The topic of organisational climate and personal well-being evaluation on workplaces is one of the key challenges for the EU social model as depicted in the Lisbon and Goteborg Agenda and in a plethora of implementation documents. Nowadays, as estimated by EUROFOUND, over 40 million workers in the European Union are being affected by stress, with estimated annual cost of about 20 billion euro. The EU Council Resolution of 25 June 2007 on a new Community strategy on health and safety at work (2007-2012) reaffirmed among the priority objectives to be pursued “to continue negotiations on preventing violence and harassment at the workplace and to take into account the assessment of the implementation of the European framework agreement on work-related stress”. Yet from a purely technical and methodological viewpoint, the topic of work related stress has gained little attention from researchers and practitioners so far. We are convinced that a broader scope and potential exists for activating European level forms of collaboration and cooperation on the above topic and our envisaged ENoLL partnership has the mail goal of making progress in that specific direction.


The main knowledge assets of our LL are the following: 1) A database of quantitative indicators related to well being at work based on field research done at enterprise level; 2) A proven methodology for workers' involvement in discussion and self-evaluation of their perception of well-being at work and in the organisational environment; 3) A model analysis of the working environment(s) inside the enterprise; 4) A set of guidelines for training and empowerment of workers; 5) A suite of ICT solutions supporting the above and finalized to detection, monitoring and evaluation of well-being at work.

References and Track Record

Our LL originates from the national project AIRBAG, funded by the Italian Ministry of Welfare, which has paved the way for a more focused implementation of ICT-supported social research tools to analyse the business organisational climate, prevent any possible risks of social nature and develop an additional value for enterprises: well-being at work. Research has involved, during 2008 and 2009, over 1200 workers belonging to 22 SMEs and large enterprises (both cooperatives and not) spread on the territory of four Italian regions: Tuscany, Piedmont, Campania, and Sicily. Various business sectors have been scrutinised: social services, catering, house-building, archaeology, production of artistic glass, production of crystal, biodiesel production, coastal deposits of oil products, management of waste cycle, energy's production, management batteries treatment, services for the tourism, production of mortar, production of rings of radial estate for the automotive industry.