Virtual Services and Open Innovation

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Information doc: 

Dr. Roumen Nikolov, tel +359 2 981 4762, e-mail: 49 Khan Asparouh Str., ent. A, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria,

Effective member: 

VirtSOI Living Lab is planning to build a live ecosystem where research, training and innovation interfere and enhance each other in order to develop and deploy innovative products and virtual services at national and European level with an active end-user participation and international collaboration. The LL is an open organizational structure that consolidates the efforts of several stakeholders.

Description of Concept

In the increasing economy of (web-/e-) services, the VirtSOI LL aims to integrate a broad vision for virtual services development and implementation within the society related to: eLearning, eWork, eGovernment, eHealth, eBusiness, eContent, eInclusion, Mobile Technology Applications, Web 2.0 and Virtual Worlds, Open Innovation, Interoperability and Security, Knowledge Management; ICT for Sustainable Development, etc. In this respect the VirtSOI LL will play the role of a regional lab and active marketplace platform for regional expertise/innovation/service seekers and providers. After achieving a level of maturity, the VirtSOI LL will make efforts to incubate a set of service-oriented LLs targeting different industrial and public sectors. In addition, the VirtSOI LL will take an initiative to support development and expansion of LLs in the countries from South-East Europe. By establishing the VirtSOI LL some new avenues for contributing to the ENoLL initiative at a Pan-European level will be opened.

References and Track Record

The VirtSOI LL experts gained a rich experience in developing and managing RTD projects in the ICT area (eWork, eLearning, eContent, eBusiness, eGovernment, eHealth, Interoperability and Security, eInclusion, eInfrastructure, ICT for Sustainable Development, Open Innovation, Web 2.0 and Virtual Worlds, Communication and Media Law, eCommerce, eGovernment, IPR Protection, Standardization in ICT and Cyber Crimes, etc.), establishing sustainable industry-academia partnership. The network of partnering organizations includes: companies - Virtech Ltd - the VirtSOI host organization, Astea Solutions AD; research organizations and university centers - Centre of IST, Sofia University (CIST); Technology Transfer Office, Sofia University (TTO); Institute of Technology and Development (ITD); NGOs and professional associations - Agency for Sustainable Development and Euro-integration (ASDE); National Research Network (NRN); Bulgarian Telework Association (BgTA); iCenters Association; Law and Internet Foundation with the Center for the Law of Information and Communication Technologies (CLICT); E- Health Bulgaria Foundation, Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), etc.