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Virtual Innovation & Research Cooperation Lab Fraunhofer FIT Schloss Birlinghoven 53754 Sankt Augustin,Germany Steffen Budweg & Wolfgang Prinz

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The Virtual Research & Innovation Cooperation Lab is an interconnected network of platforms & activities aiming at facilitating research, development, innovation and market validation of new cooperation technologies in real-life environments.

Description of Concept

The Virtual Research & Innovation Cooperation Lab connects the technology support for the European Research & Innovation Community provided by different large cooperation platforms hosted by Fraunhofer FIT with the user-centred methodology framework created and applied within different European and national research projects towards the iterative development of future cooperation support.

The Living Lab is targeting research & innovation in a variety of ways:

• as a cooperation springboard and test-bed for individuals and projects offering an ad-hoc, free and easy to use opportunity to quickly set-up, explore and adopt a mature virtual cooperation environment for distributed collaborative work.

• a platform to research, develop and introduce new cooperation support technologies together with tool developers from leading commercial and non-commercial technology providers.

• to pursue a user-centred development approach and maintaining continuous communication and exchange with the user community.

• as incubator to support new business models like spin-offs around the technology itself, partners integrating cooperation & consulting services for specific domains or Open-Source projects extending functionality.

References and Track Record

The users and communities currently supported by collaboration technology support of the Virtual Research & Innovation Cooperation Lab comprise among others:

• more than 100.000 users on the Public BSCW platform with a strong focus on professional use in research & innovation related areas,

• the Ami@Work Living LabsOpen Innovation Community with many hundreds members,

• a large number of individual projects including Public-Private Partnerships.

The public BSCW server within the Living Lab is currently one of the largest public cooperation platforms available in the context of shared workspaces,being in service for more than 10 years and with more than 100.000 users who are using that service for their everyday work. Results of our activities have been documented in a number of milestones and deliverables of different projects, resulted in new technology & service developments and have been published in international conference and journal publications.