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Kaj Söderman, +358-400-635414, kaj@sgnet.fi Archipelagnet Ltd / Region Åbolan r.f., P.O.Box 120, FIN-21600 Pargas

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The Turku Archipelago is the Finnish part of the Scandinavian Islands. It is called Åboland in Swedish and consists of 20 000 islands and 22 700 bilingual inhabitants. The Turku Archipelago, represented by Region Åboland r.f., the regional development agency for the eight rural archipelago municipalities of south-west Finland, proudly joins the European Network of Living Labs. Åboland is a hotbed of technical development and innovation, featuring the first wireless WIMAX broadband network in Finland and MEBB, the citizens’ archipelago intranet.

Description of Concept

Region Åboland acts as business development centre and tourism industry developer, with the aim of developing new job opportunities, providing services for citizen and visitors, who benefit from the archipelago as a living environment and transforming technological development into innovative services as well as potential for new businesses. Åboland cooperates with the industry of the region and users in their different roles. It provides services for testing new environments for users as rural citizen and professionals living, visiting and working in the remote archipelago areas. Joining the Living Lab Network as a principal agent is Archipelagonet Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary and a public service Internet Service Provider of Region Åboland.
Thus the Turku Archipelago is developing a functioning environment for mapping new emerging needs and solutions and testing new applications in several service areas. Archipelagonet brings its technical expertise in Internet services, wireless broadband, municipal IT services and e-Learning to the consortium of Living Labs. It contributes to the validation of concepts in real world contexts and in technologically advanced settings and maps how value will be created in remote areas, for further take-up in the Scandinavian or Nordic Islands, or other European remote areas.

References and Track Record

In the Turku Archipelago we pride ourselves on building practical solutions for real people through intelligent use of technology. Our goal is overcoming the limits of time and distance through better communications. Archipelago Net – A joint public-private effort to build a regional fiber optic network covering all eight municipalities. New applications are developed at 1 Gigabit per second for digital x-ray, voice over IP and video conferencing. First wireless Wimax broadband network in Finland – ArchipelagoNet was the first Internet Service Provider to bring wireless broadband networks to rural and remote areas.
MEBB –development and facilitation of a local eCommunity through a citizens’ intranet. Western Finland Regional Broadband Strategy – ArchipelagoNet, together with other local and regional stakeholders, defined a comprehensive broadband strategy for the whole Western Finland region. The regional broadband strategy was co- ordinated with the national broadband strategy aiming at developing Finland as a leading country in broadband and broadband services. Baltic Rural Broadband – brings together 9 EU countries around the Baltic Sea for best practice, knowledge transfer and development of next generation broadband access technologies for rural and remote areas TalousNet – an eBusiness portal developed for local SMEs and public/private sector co-operation.