Trentino as a Lab

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Ivan Pilati                                                  

Informatica Trentina Spa

Via Gilli, 2

38100 Trento Italy

Tel.  (+39) 0461/800655

Mob. (+39) 335.8056928

Fax. (+39) 0461/800436

Skype: ivan.pilati               

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Trentino as a Lab (TasLab) is a cooperation cluster whose goal is to develop user-centric innovation and which involves all the three main innovation actors, namely research centers, enterprises and users. The research centers involved are:

  • the University of Trento (Department of ICT),
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler,
  • GraphiTech, 
  • ISTC- CNR  
  • Laboratorio di Interoperabilità ed e-Government (LEGO), 

Various enterprises including I&S Informatica e Servizi Srl, COGITO Srl, Sinergis Srl, Trentino Network Srl, GPI Spa, DeltaDator Spa, ALGORAB Srl, HEIDI Spa, Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), Siemens Spa and various end-user organizations including Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Autonomous Province of Trento), Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari (Public Health Agency), Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini (Consortium of the Trentino Municipalities) and Trentino Riscossioni Spa.

This initiative is supported by the local government. Informatica Trentina acts as catalyst and coordinator of the TasLab Living Lab.

Description of Concept

The main goal of Taslab is to create an advanced innovation infrastructure capable of  responding to present and future user needs, not only from an ICT perspective but also from a cultural and social point of view. The plan is to reduce the digital divide, and at the same time to experiment new ICT solutions, with deep user involvement, all over the Trentino mountainous territory.   

The main Taslab activities include: - Develop a user-centric environment where innovation is the way of being, thinking and evolving of the Trentino citizens; - Develop an environment where the full innovation cycle, from basic research to market products, gets naturally instantiated;  - Develop partnerships with other territories in Europe and in the world, building on top of the existing  national and international cooperation and partnerships of the Trentino actors; - Exploit the results of the previous activities towards a sustainable, environment and people aware, development of the Trentino region.  The approach is articulated in a horizontal and in a vertical dimension. In the horizontal dimension, the approach is to take an eco-system oriented (socio/economic) perspective where different actors (citizens, public administrations, enterprises and research entities), the organisms of the ecosystem, interact with one another evolving on the base of the local/global conditions.

The horizontal multidisciplinary eco-system driven approach is coupled, in the vertical dimensions, with a focus on the Trentino’s vocation areas, namely those areas which are core in the Trentino value system (e.g., eInclusion, eMobility, eBusiness and eTourism, quality of life and eEnvironment). 

References and Track Record

The TasLab initiative started in 2005, and its actors have a long history of  involvement in user-centric and European R&D projects. Various testbeds and experimental facilities have been or are being built in the Trentino territory. The most noticeable consists of a four fiber network, entirely dedicated to research and experimentation, which covers all the Trentino Territory and population, for a total length (when finalized) of 800 Kilometers, plus the access wireless network.