Tragsa R&D Labs

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Mariano Navarro de la Cruz ICT Manager, R&D Deputy Directorate, Tragsa Group Monica Valenzuela, Engineer, R&D Deputy Directorate, Tragsa Group

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The introduction of technological innovations in companies is considered in Tragsa group as a key element to explain the increase of productivity and the improvement of the competitiveness. Therefore, Tragsa R&D Labs arise to support national and European strategies regarding the Research and Development policies, reinforcing the scientific and technological knowledge base, the human capital and the strategic sectors object of Tragsa group. The main goal of Tragsa R&D Labs is to serve the scientific and technological demands of Tragsa group productive areas, public administrations and the society in general, improving constantly current products, processes and services.


Tragsa R&D Labs define its strategic plan according to the European priority areas on:

- Sustainable development and global change

- Environment conservation

- Water technologies

- Renewable energy

- Emergencies control

- Food quality and safety

- Technology and Information Society

These priority areas are combined with the business objectives of Tragsa group to identify the Living Lab’s strategic objectives. Tragsa R&D Labs are not only consisting in one environment for experimentation but several and interconnected scenarios always focused on technologies related to these mentioned priority areas. Tragsa R&D Labs are working for a wide spectrum of rural areas and then for many groups of users and stakeholders. Tragsa R&D Labs cooperate with expert groups from different fields. Therefore, Tragsa R&D Labs become an open innovation environment in which several research institutions, business companies and national or regional authorities cooperate together in order to develop new scientific and technological projects, processes and services. The adopted methodology in Tragsa R&D Labs to establish its priority objectives allows to increase the visibility and to focus the efforts for developing the key research areas to make Tragsa group and also customers and stakeholders well positioned in the knowledge society.

References and Track Record

Tragsa R&D Labs are hosted by Tragsa Group. Therefore counts on the Tragsa Group infrastructure. Tragsa group has contributed in the creation and development of several Living Labs and Social Spaces for Research and Innovation. The first successful outcomes are the current portfolio consisting of 62 projects, with an investment of 5M!, 5 patents and an industrial model. Final users in Tragsa are citizens, external collaborators, university, research organisms and national and regional authorities. Final users are involved in different contexts and in different ways. However all of them are involved in every cycle within the different initiatives, defining the project’s plans, participating in the design and evaluating results