TPMed Lab

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Information doc: 

Pascal Peuchot, Head of TPM Digital Country Department, +33.494.05.35.60,  Sylvie Jalliffier-Verne, TPM IT Director, +33.494.05.35.52, Communauté d’Agglomération Toulon Provence Méditerranée, DSIQ-STN, 20 Rue Nicolas Peiresc, BP536, 83041 Toulon Cedex 9.

Effective member: 

TPMed Lab. Toulon Provence Méditerranée, un Territoire Numérique au service de l’Innovation  

Overall Description and Profile

TPM wants to be considered as an innovative territory and experimentation territory. Experimentations of new innovative urban services could be a way to boost innovation (and especially IT innovation) capabilities of regional SME. Considering that, TPM will facilitate experimentations of new innovative urban services; whereas University of Toulon will study deeply the innovation process (especially the way citizen can be using innovative services and products). Then the mission of TPMed Lab is to provide companies and start-up, places where the can experiment solutions they want to commercialize later. Another objective is to support University (Ingemedia-I3M Research and Learning Unit) students to create innovative start-ups from projects and prototypes made during the Master I and II (and to support their rise with start-up breeding).     TPMed Labs focuses on the field of testing and implementing numerical services for citizens of urban areas such as Toulon area one one hand, and dedicated to the enterprises on the other hand. It works in partnership with Pôles de Compétitivité Mer PACA and Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées clusters that gather both worldwide companies and local start-ups. TPM territory has been already identified in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur regional area by the Regional Council as a place for experimentation of innovative services, especially thanks to the use of the ERIC Cyber-base TPM network. This network of Public Internet Spaces provide a high number and a wide range of citizens that can be involved in the conception/test of new services. These experimentations can be fulfilled by a research driven by University Labs such as I3M. Results of researches on innovation uses can light up in vivo experimentations especially in the field of innovation services acknowledgment by the inhabitants of TPM territory.

References and Track record

The Wiki-carto project ( gave TPM territory its first Living Lab experience. It is now recognised as a territory where experimentation is possible and easier than anywhere else in the region for SME who wants to experiment new services at the level of metropolitan area. ERIC Cyber-base network which provides “open laboratories” is also a very important opportunity to experiment in vivo innovative services (co-conception, ergonomics, graphics, services, usefulness of a new service, …). After the presentation of wiki-carto prototypes, TPM has been invited many times by PACA Region to present this project to other cities and regional territories. The Villes 2.0 national program driven by the FING, make explicitly reference to wiki-carto project. In the mean time, I3M and Ingemedia run benchmark processes to identify the interests of the market for those innovations (student field surveys, training period).