TLL Kypros - Territorial Living Lab Kypros

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Michalis Zanos, Director  email: Eudokia Balamou, Scientific Manager  ANETEL – Larnaca District Development Agency, Laras 1, 7040 Oroklini, Cyprus Tel +357 24815280 Fax +357 24636817

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TLL Kypros embodies an aggressive innovation strategy for Cyprus that constitutes a bridge between East and West on the one hand and an island laboratory for experimenting new approaches to innovation in the development of ICT services and applications on the other. The island’s geographical, environmental, cultural and human resources provide a unique user environment for the development of leading ICT services that can have a broad market relevance.


Territorial Living Lab Kypros (TLL Kypros) is an entirely demand-driven Living Lab, in that the starting baseline consists in a set of overlapping community networks with different kinds of needs for sustainable development, which are now welcoming the introduction of ICT from a research standpoint for the development of services and platforms that can enhance innovation processes they are already engaged in. The TLL Kypros partnership has grown as a function of networking activities of ANETEL, the Larnaca District Development Agency, in a series of EU-funded programmes of inter-regional and territorial cooperation primarily with other regions in South-East Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. This process matured into a Living Lab through one such initiative, the MedLab project of the ERDF MED Programme, which is building a territorially-oriented trans-Mediterranean Living Lab through the coordination of regional innovation strategies. The starting configuration of TLL Kypros is designed as a function of the MedLab Tourism Pilot project being executed under the responsibility of ANETEL, but with in mind its generalisation and extension to other sectors such as health, textiles and water management. The architecture follows a layered model where the foundation consists of the local communities built up by ANETEL in the region. Specific TLL Kypros initiatives are then built on top of the ForumLarnaca and TLL Kypros web platforms as exploration of concrete services related to the sustainable development of the Larnaca District and Cyprus overall.

References and Track Record

TLL Kypros is built around a multi-stakeholder partnership that is modelled on the Memorandum of Understanding adopted for ENoLL member TLL-Sicily. This consists of an open cooperation agreement that clarifies roles and expectations for each partner, including to date: ANETEL as the hosting party and Coordinator, the Larnaca Tourism Development Company, the local municipal governments of Voroklini, Skarinou, Lefkara and Livadia, CYTA (including CYTAmobile-Vodafone) the leading telecoms operator in Cyprus, local SMEs including MicrosatIT, Smart Intuitions Ltd, Right Track Ltd and MedTechSol Ltd, the Departments of Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Cyprus, and FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. TLL Kypros is constantly linked with existing best practices at the European level, as concerns both the Living Labs approach as such and EnoLL specifically. Scientific, institutional and media dissemination carried out at the national level as well as throughout Europe ensures wide uptake and gives impulse to the constant broadening of the partnership and the inclusion of addition projects, programmes and initiatives. Taking stock of trial results, ANETEL thus guarantees a new business services infrastructure providing innovation services to public and private organisations in Cyprus and beyond.