TianJin-China Living Lab

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Information doc: 

Yu Bao, tel. 86-02224893576, e-mail: leeca2008@gmail.com TianJin-China Living Lab Centre, NO.158, west 3rd Street, Tianjin Airport Industrial Park Tianjin, China

Effective member: 

Tianjin living lab, which is located in Tianjin China, aims at developing an innovation platform to enable the development of the converged information techs /clean tech /RFID/ mobile internet and location based service/application.

Description of Concept

We aim at serving for the society and enhance the life quality by human-centric principle and promoting the innovation, co-creation and communication between members. Tianjin Living Lab will be joined together to make up a uniform innovation aggregate in Tianjin. It will be on the forefront of information techs(IT) /enviromental protection(EP) & energy saving(ES) innovation under the support of several colleges/ R&D institutions/investors. Partnerships: Tianjin University/ TJ Binhai New Area/ CeTIM / BaseN

Main focus fields:

  • The key technology and services to the next generation network
  • The next wireless mobile communication technology and service
  • Sensor Networks and Intelligent Information Technology
  • virtual reality technology digital media platform technology
  • GPS navigation technology video collection analysis techs
  • information technology to energy saving and environmental protection
  • References and Track Record

    In 2006 Tianjin was chosen to be one of the seven intelligent cities of the world. It owns good information infrastructure and brought forward wireless digital city plan from the very beginning. And in 2009, under the base of 3G network developing technologies , Tianjin will be very possible to plan out the next wireless broad band with the network. The next generation of wireless broadband access system:Tianjin Living lab organizations are actively planning the next generation wireless media connecting system.. This system will R&D broad band wireless connecting system with our own intellectual property rights and continuable to develop in key industries , which also support media business/internet business and also media cluster business. Intelligent Traffic Management System: applied in monitoring traffic/ signal lamp control/monitoring contrary vehicles and traffic accident surroundings. Achive the monitor and leading of timely traffic hold; achive recognition and following and monitor of contrary vehicles;achieve safety and comfortable and quick road traffic, comprehensively enhance the ability of preventing and processing road traffic accidents, enhance the transportation management and municipal service level. Information technology to energy saving and environmental protection: The energy conservation environmental protection technology is considered to be one of the most potential techs in the future. The informational energy conservation environmental protection technology is one way that information technology will develop in the future, may save 10-20% energy for enterprises. The BaseN product has good application in data collections such as environmental protection monitor, energy (water, gas, electricity) etc. and management analysis domains. Linked with Chinese enterprises’ reality, using wireless intelligence data acquisition system and management analysis, and providing whole set of solution for energy conservation environmental protection. In 2008 BaseN settled down in Tianjin Living Lab innovation platform, it will develop innovation products that suits Chinese environment more. Sensing network and intelligence information technology—RFID. ZTE North base mainly research and develop next generation wireless Internet technology and intelligent sensing technology. Together with other enterprises, ZTE will apply the next generation wireless Internet and the intelligent sensing technology into this platform, and will make innovative designs of its products through Tianjin Living the Lab innovation platform.