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Information doc: 

THINKlab, University of Salford, 7th Floor Maxwell Building,

The Crescent, Salford, M5 4WT

Contact: Prof. Terrence Fernando, Director, Tel: 0161 2956579

Effective member: 

THINKlab joined the European Network of Living Labs in April 2010. Our objectives and future plans incorporate the following:

•    The development of tools and techniques to strengthen open innovation involving interdisciplinary research teams and external stakeholders.

•    Development and testing of products in the area of digital cities. These applications include emergency response, design against crimes, citizen engagement in city planning and future policies, stakeholder engagement in urban planning.

•    Development and testing advanced collaborative engineering environments.

Description of Concept

A high-tech environment building on the concept of “future centres” to facilitate innovation, concept development and validation involving multidisciplinary teams. THINKlab comprises of spaces for collaborative idea generation, collaborative product development and validation involving multi- disciplinary research teams and external stakeholders.

References and Track Record

The ThinKLab has produced an innovative software platform that can create 3D digital cities by incorporating diverse range of datasets from various agencies such as city councils, police, health authorities, environment agency, transport authority. This new platform allows various agencies to visualize and interact with their local spaces to address a range of complex challenges such as climate change, health infrastructure planning, economic growth, urban regeneration, emergency planning and crime prevention to build stronger, safer, sustainable communities. It supports citizen and stakeholder engagement ensuring joined up thinking and promoting participatory planning.Initially developed in partnership with the Black Country Consortium to support their long term regeneration challenges it has now being further developed, taking Salford City as a Living Lab involving a range of stakeholders such as Salford City Council, Greater Manchester Police, PCT, Urban Vision, Environment Agency. Current live projects include a) Life Chance Pilot Projects in Little Hulton, Winton, and Broughton in Salford b) Future Emergency Planning Environment for Greater Manchester Police c) Environment for addressing climate change challenges.