Territorial Living Lab (TL PREALPE)

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Information doc: 

Giorgi Fon


Via San Bortolo, 10, 36020, Pove del Grappa

Tel: +39 0424 193 150 9

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TLL Prealpe was born with the intent of representing change and updating objectives and activities of the production districts throughout the territory, so that they could continue to play an important role for local communities, implementing innovative means and models of economic development. TLL Prealpe has a clear user-driven perspective, where Users actively collaborate in the TLL activities, by co-designing and developing the services as being both services users and producers. The key figures of this new declination today are Developers, Characters, Enablers.

The Living Lab works with an extensive partnership represented by many stakeholders under an open collaboration agreement which outlines the roles and expectations of each partner. Openess intended as learning capacity of the entire system is one of the main features of TLL Prealpe.

The most important characteristics of TLL Prealpe can be summarized as follows:

  1.  The production of a new technological awareness especially based on the ICT and the territorial identity which is shared and distinctive like in the Pedemontana Veneta area.
  2.  The support and promotion of wider new processes for production and social innovation of the user-driven type through the planning, production and distribution of products and services which are open, sustainable, reusable, cheap and of course economic, using tools which encourage participation and experimentation in real life situations.
  3.  The creation of a reliable user-driven communication and shared brand able to support a real, in-depth interaction with the local community represented by public institutions and private companies in the Pedemontana Veneta area and between it and the other LLs in the Veneto region and bordering Italian and European territories.