Telemedicine Living Lab

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Fabrizio Petrosino, Telesal s.c.a.r.1. Via Tor Tre Teste, 229 -00155 Roma, Italy Tel.: +390622595204 Fax: +39-06-2280739

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The Telemedicine (TELESAL) Living Lab aims at integrating satellite based telecommunications with localization/geo-referential systems to provide health care services in three main telemedicine fields: Emergency in Mobility, Homecare and Info-Communication. TELESAL Living Lab is testing user driven telemedicine pilot applications in a variety of scenarios within local health care institutions, on-board rescue vehicles and at home, to be as close as possible to patients and assure them, at the same time, improved diagnostic and therapeutic performance as well as avoidance of useless transfers, examinations, procedures and waiting time.

Description of Concept

TELESAL Living Lab supports the ideation and the testing of telemedicine applications and it is currently providing homecare services, which include tele-assistance and localization, video¬assistance, tele-monitoring and medical Information. TELESAL Living Lab represents an open system of telecommunication networks and applications to connect patients with telemedicine service providers. According to application models well-known on Internet and based on controlled information ·sharing, TELESAL technologies is conceived to supply people who need healthcare assistance, with the professionals skills able to perform distant analysis of clinical data, so that TELESAL users are those healthcare operators willing to provide remote diagnostic and treatment competence.

References and Track Record

The main result obtained so far by the TELESAL Living Lab is the raising of public/private funding to support the development of advanced services in telemedicine, thus bringing together a significant number of stakeholders and actors. We can refer as to a TELESAL specific model, which can be suitable for being adopted also in different contexts, outside Italy and the Lazio region. While the initial provision of services was done at local regional level, the support of a satellite platform is suitable to easily extend both the approach and the provision of services even at national and European levels. The commitment to the initiative already provided by major organizations in Italy is such that an adequate visibility can be guaranteed to the ENoLL initiative, thus mobilizing additional resources for the wide take-up and implementation of the available services.