Telecommunication Networks and integrated Services Laboratory

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Panagiotis Demestichas

Gregoriou Labraki 122, Piraeus 18532 Piraeus, Greece

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Telecommunication Networks and integrated Services Living Lab“Technology Enablers and inter-disciplinary Research for a Human-Centric Digital Society and Economy”

Telecommunication Networks and integrated Services Living Lab (TNS LL) conductsresearch and development in all areas related to telecommunication networks andservices. Through its research, development and educational activities, the Laboratory willcontribute to the realization of a human-centric Information and Communication Society.To this end, the TNS LL is very actively involved in the areas of cognitive networks andservices, autonomic computing, networked information systems, Internet technologies,wireless and broadband networks, network and service management, policy basedmanagement, design and management of B3G/4G mobile and wired broadband networks,network simulation and performance evaluation, heuristic- and machine learning-basedoptimization algorithms, service and software engineering.


The most important attributes and capabilities of the TNS Lab are the research and development activities, the educational activities, and the consulting services.

The unique characteristics the TNS Lab comprise the mixed skills in the following areas;Cognitive/ Autonomous Management, Convergence, Future Internet Technologies, Applications/ Integrated Services, Composite Wireless Access, Fixed Access/ Core Networks, Opportunistic/ Sensor Networks, and Software Defined Radio (SDR).

Furthermore, the educational activities of the TNS Lab members comprise important capability and attribute, as they are highly active on undergraduate and postgraduate level within the department of Digital Systems of University of Piraeus.

Finally, the TNS LL works towards the provision of services towards the society, by providing consulting services towards the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, etc).

References and Track Record

The members of the TNS laboratory have an extensive portfolio of achievements in the areas of conceptualizing research areas, designing/ developing/ disseminating solutions, validating through various means, demonstrations.

TNS LL’s current research activities involve participation in research projects partially funded by EU under FP7. More specifically, the TNS LL leads the project OneFIT (Opportunistic Networks and Cognitive Management Systems for Efficient Application Provision in the Future Internet), with Prof. Demestichas being the Project Manager (07.2010 – 12.2012), participates in the UniverSelf project (09.2010 – 08.2013), in which Prof. Demestichas serves as deputy leader of the “Unified Management Framework” workpackage, participates in ACROPOLIS (Advanced coexistence technologies for Radio Optimisation in Licenced and Unlicensed Spectrum) project (10.2010 – 09.2013), is the National representative and leads WG4, on “intersystem cooperation and coexistence” in COST ICT Action IC0902 (01.2010 – 12.2013).

Furthermore, TNS is currently highly active in the area of Internet of Things, while having extensive collaborations with companies and organizations of the public and private sector. Finally, the Living Lab holds the chairman position of WWRF WG6 “Cognitive Wireless Networks and Systems” since 2004.Contact

University of Piraeus Research Center, Gregoriou Labraki 122, PC: 18532, Piraeus, Greece. Contactperson: Associate Professor Panagiotis Demestichas ( Website: .