Suuntaamo Tampere Central Region Living Lab

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Sointu Karjalainen, +358 40 823 5371

Hermia Ltd., Hermiankatu 1, 33720, Tampere, Finland

Esa Ala-Uotila, +358 50 568 5352

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Kuntokatu 333520, Tampere, Finland

Effective member: 

The Tampere Central Region Living Lab (TCR-LL) was launched in late autumn 2008 with the support of the open innovation environments Demola and VTT’s (Technical Research Centre of Finland) Open Web Lab. The mission of the TCR-LL is to create an ecosystem, in which complementary actors, i.e. research entities, users and companies can work together harmoniously to create and exploit their synergies. The TCR-LL is an interactive and iterative process where the original ideas come from citizens, researchers and service providers. The ideas are worked on together using online forums and the most promising ones are used to produce working service concepts using agile prototyping methodology.

Description of Concept

The TCR-LL is facilitated by Technology Centre Hermia Ltd.; a private non-profit organisation  responsible for ensuring the overall harmonisation of the Living Lab’s strategy and operations. The TCR-LL promotes the new Demola concept; an open innovation environment for students of higher education institutes and ICT and media companies in the Tampere region. Innovative ideas are developed via joint projects in a learning environment. Top professionals work together under one roof with the best
upcoming talents in the area.

Moreover, the TCR-LL contributes to the development of new industrial R&D tools and aims to develop a deeper understanding of the human requirements and characteristics of human activities in relation to new technology products and services. The TCR-LL’s services are related to everyday situations taking place in the home, in public places and on public transport. The current range of services includes an intelligent public transport guidance service, mobile search services, and novel methods of controlling and managing appliances and digital content in private homes.

References and Track Record

The Tampere Central Region Living Lab is a joint initiative between:

  • Shared user pools 
  • Research entities: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 
  • Higher Education institutes: Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University, Tampere 
  • University of Applied Sciences, Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences 
  • Enterprises and technology providers: Nokia Plc., Nokia Research Centre, Nokia Innovation Centre, Flander Ltd., Idean Enterprises Inc., Karpalomedia Ltd., Karpalo Interactive, Trainers’ House Plc. 
  • Innovation service providers: Technology Centre Hermia Ltd, Demola. 

Main benefits: 

  • Access to a desirable local community of users who participate  in the idea creation and development of new digital services 
  • New type of living lab on a regional level: Type X 
  • New methods and tools for user-centred design and for incorporating users into the entire innovation ecosystem 
  • Shift in research paradigm from field trials to user-driven innovation. 

Current achievements: 

  • TAUCHI’s (Tampere University Unit for Computer-Human Interaction) series of public transport services 
  • VTT’s projects “Idea Movement” and “Idea Movement for Ageing Citizens” 
  • PIRAMK’s service and product development programme “PractiCo®” which encourages and fosters cooperation between all actors in the wellbeing sector.

Tampere Central Region Living Lab is member of the ENoLL Council.