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The Host Organization of the SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB is Iniciativa CONSTRUÇÃO SUSTENTÁVEL (Tirone Nunes)TIRONE NUNESAV. D. ANTÓNIO CORREIA DE SÁ, 98 2705-905 Ral Terrugem Sintra PortugalContact Person: Livia Tirone Tel: +351 219 616 646 Fax: +351 219 616 058 E-mail:

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The SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB mission is to contribute to mainstreaming sustainable construction. The Network comprises the relevant Stakeholders of the construction sector and engages them in the tasks of defining robust sustainable construction solutions, defining incentives in favour of mainstreaming good practices and lobbying for these to be implemented.

The SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB is a network transversely representative of the construction sector, gradually integrating representatives of all relevant national and international Stakeholders: the European Institutions, Local Authorities, Utilities, Financial and Insurance Institutions, Real Estate Promoters and Agents, the Design Team, Contractors, Suppliers of sustainable construction solutions, the Building Owners and Users.

Description Mission/Offer, capabilities and qualities

The SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB intends to establish a dynamic communication platform in order to enhance the dialogue between relevant actors of the construction sector, such as between suppliers of sustainable construction solutions, the design team and financing institutions, among others;The SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB will provide:

•    Integrated, robust and effective construction solutions, which will enhance the energy environmental performance of buildings, by setting up and co-ordinating technical working groups that will bring together specialists representing the suppliers of the relevant components of sustainable construction (building envelope, systems, operation) as well as the contractor;

•    Innovative solutions, by promoting technical working groups involving the collaboration between the relevant Stakeholders;

•    Information on the sustainable construction solutions to be disseminated to a wide, interested public including laymen and professionals;

•    Help to define and validate the incentives, which need to be implemented, in order for both, sustainable construction and sustainable refurbishment, to become common practice;

•    Lobby action aimed at the relevant political Stakeholders, transversely representing the construction sector, that will contribute to putting in place (at national and European levels) the incentives;

The SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB has the capability to create and to manage networks and to promote innovation for the improved performance of the built environment. The collective know how in the SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LIVING LAB will, in this way, be put to the service of mainstreaming sustainable construction.

References and Track Record

Tirone Nunes has been a pioneer in Sustainable Construction in Portugal since 1989 in the area of real estate promotion and building design. Since 2007 Tirone Nunes launched of the SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION Initiative and a book with the same name. Since then, the focus has been on mainstreaming sustainable construction in three main areas of intervention: the first is Raising Awareness (Business to Consumer); the second is Training (Business to Business); and the third is devoted to Communication Platforms (Business to All). The SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION Initiative operates Business to Business websites -, and - and a Business to All website -

On many levels the SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION Initiative has become the reference for Sustainable Construction in Portugal.