Stockholm Living Lab

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Per-Olof Sjöberg, Senior Advisor SICS and Director Stockholm Living Lab Stockholm Living Lab/SICS, Kistagången 16, 16429 Kista, SWEDEN, phone: +46705190491

Effective member: 

User innovation at the Swedish ICT Research Institutes. 


Stockholm Living Lab works in collaboration with companies, universities, the public sector and user groups, forming a triple-helix. Stockholm Living Lab executes projects based on user involvement and user innovation.

Areas of focus:

1. Homecare and elderly care. A crucial area to cope with demographic change.

2. Digital Natives, teenager entering the workforce. What do they require?

3. Support of SMEs by providing methods, portal software, access to users, access to testbeds and arranging meeting places with the public sector.

4. Opening of markets around the Baltic Sea by cooperating with  the surrounding Living Labs.

5. Commercialization of the research results from the institutes.

References and Track Record

The Living Lab has a long track record, working with users, in projects in the focus areas above.  Examples:Silver Technology - Together with surrounding communities we have performed details studies of the user groups in the home care sector. A unique cooperation has been established building a foundation for new innovations in the area. Several projects have been formed from the cooperation.

A Future Internet service test bed were developed to serve the SMEs requiring user involvement in the development.  

Innovation Circle –a proof of concept project, in showing that new ideas can effectively be handled on the web by letting the inventor describe the idea in a certain scheme The web site connect different business developers to give feedback on the innovation and by that increasing the value of the innovation.  

Digital Natives – development of tools and services together with the new young workforce.  

Living Lab cooperation around the Baltic Sea to open up the local markets for ICT services. A network has been formed and methods developed to create value for the involved living labs and SMEs.

Minifairs – The lab has so far ran 12 Minifairs where companies presenting their services get feedback from users in the public sector on their products and services.   

Stockholm Living Lab is part of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB, SICS, which is a research institute being part of Swedish ICT. Swedish ICT consists of several different collaborating research institutes as Acreo AB, Interactive Institute, Santa Anna, IMEGO and Viktoria Institute. The Swedish Government in conjunction with the Swedish Industry owns Swedish ICT.