SPORTIS Living Lab

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Jokin Garatea

Portuetxe Bidea, 14 Edificio Ibaieta, 1, 20018, Donostia – San Sebastian, Spain

Tel: +34 943 31 6666


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The SPORTIS Living Lab is a conducive environment for innovation for the local, national and European sports sector; it stimulates the technological innovation and promotes the creation of technology based companies with the involvement of end users. It is an entity which coordinates and identifies projects in the sports and health areas in the Basque Country.

SPORTIS Living Lab efforts are focused on getting companies, public administrations, research centres and citizens involved in the innovation process co-creating and validating new technologies, platforms, products, services and business models in real and daily contexts for the sports sector. Partners involved in SPORTIS Living Lab are: GAIA, ESTIA, INESPORT, IBV, Deusto University and the University of the Basque Country.


SPORTIS Living Lab mission is to become an entity for projects proposition, definition and coordination and for product validation developed by SPORTIS partners and its network of collaborators.

The initiative comes from an environment in which companies, immerse in a global market, have to specialize themselves and in which the construction of an adequate network is key for success to transfer and apply their knowledge. Therefore, SPORTIS Living Lab vision is to promote national and international projects related to sports and wellness sectors to go further onto the investigated technologies.

The projects promoted by SPORTIS Living Lab are mainly oriented towards the use of wireless technologies, miniature sensors and other technologies like microencapsulation. And, although some of these technologies exist previously, we intend to use the possibilities offered inter-firm collaboration, so as to apply these technologies quickly to different environments in which they have previously been used.

And the services offered by SPORTIS Living Lab are:

• Promotion and creation of Relationships and Partnerships• Promotion of the different projects developed• Participative and Innovative Sceneries• Know-How• Access to information of high interest

References and Track Record

• Summer school "The Art of Innovation in Sports for the New Leisure Culture" on July 20th and 21st and organized by GAIA and the University of the Basque Country together with SPORTIS Living Lab. The course will consist on two days, the second of which will give the opportunity totest a technological device through the realization of an outdoor activity:• GAIA presents in the European parliament policy of living labs promotion in the Basque Country: