Sport Living Lab Lisboa - VIDELLL

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Sport Living Labs Lisboa ! VIDELLL ! UTL/FMH ! Faculdade de Motricidade Humana Luís Miguel Cunha Adress:Estrada da Costa 1499-022 Cruz Quebrada - PORTUGAL (00 351 214 149 166)

Effective member: 

A Sport Innovative Region - Region Innovative by the Sport  - A 'spot'- space in use at all period of the year, Placed in the Natural Laboratory Environment where the Ocean/Maritime Sport Activities (include Sailing, Surf, Kite, Diving, etc., offer opportunities of testing high technologies, tools and prototypes to the industrial, technological and innovative enterprises. A !spot-"#$%&' placed around Lisbon and nearby, with a demographic weight of around 3 000 000 inhabitants, formed by the mouth of Tagus Valley river, with more than 3 Universities of High Technologies, 14 municipalities (county country), 10 nautical Sport Federations, 50 Sport Surfing School Enterprises to be partners in our Sport Living Lab. (We are situs on the old Portuguese Navigators training space and we have the heritage of 500 years on this sector. Now we have sport nautical clubs and enterprises to assume that!)


Mission ( High Technology by the Sport: We join partners connected with the Sport Associations, Business and Innovative Industries with the help and partnership of the Sport Faculty, his human resources, his Laboratories and studies, to produce and practice Innovation Process Management in the former Sport Organizations, Entrepreneurship and Development of Sport.

Sport Living Lab objectives:

(1) Test by using and incorporate high technologies in/by the Sport Activities, Sport Competition events and Innovative International Stages;

(2) Produce Quality Management Innovation Process in Sport Services, Products, in Sport Institutions: Organizations and Enterprises, Human Ressources;

(3) Build Innovative Partnership between several institutional entities: Universities, Sport Enterprises, Sport Self Equipment producers and users, Sport Federations, Sport Clubs, Town Administrations and local Schools.

References and Track Record

  Sport - Services and technologies applied to the domain of ocean/Maritime/Nautical/ Sports users: Safety and Rescue nautical equipment, Facilities, Logistical,Communications, Management, Team Workers, etc.; Start-up's Enterprises and improve of citizen Public Services and Associatives in Sport Management and Quality Management Sport Processes (include former RH in SpMng); Touristics Sport Produtcs. Sport Living Labs Lisboa ! VIDELLL is being led by Technical University of Lisboa ( Faculty of Human Kinetics, the host organization.