Space2Land Living Lab

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Gerardo Lancia

Piazza Libertà 20

00192 Rome, Italy

T: +39 06 32885764

F: +39 06 32885256


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The Mission of the Space2Land of the living lab is to develop user-centric platforms of services based on a collaborative network which involves three main groups of actors: (1) large companies and SMES in the supply side, (2) representatives of the demand side-our user groups-such as Local and regional administrations, and (3) representatives of the R&D and innovation system i.e. R&D centres, universities, laboratories. The platforms provide value added services to final users (citizens of the Lazio region) in the field of mobility and info-mobility, emergency management, Land surveillance and control, Tracking and traceability of goods, Informative system supporting the management of local public transport, and others, based on the integration of ICT and space technologies (Earth observation, telecommunications and satellite navigation).

Description of Concept

The main role of this Living Lab in the regional context is first of all to improve public services for citizens, and on the other hand, stimulate the research and industrial regional systems through the development and implementation of the living labs-platforms and related services. The above mentioned platforms are suitable for involving Local and Regional Authorities, such as Fire brigades, Regional and Local Transport Agencies, Emergency services, Civil Protection, and other, in order to design the platform requirements and specifications and co-invest in their implementation. The developers are regional Large companies and SMEs speCialised in ICT, communication, space technologies.

References and Track Record

It can be summarised that the focus of our living lab so far, has been that of creating human¬solid and long term relationships among people rather than organisations which we think is a key factor in any network. Following the creation of very strong relationships between users and developers, and in-between users, it is now necessary to support the working environment with more appropriate and efficient IT tools. Significant results and impact generated by this Living Lab are:

o 31 local and regional authorities involved,

o more than 100 companies (large and SMEs) involved,

o 4 service platforms designed and under development.

Although the scope is mainly regional, we have participated in many European conferences and workshop sharing our experiences at international level.