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Spirit Media GmbH Feldstraße 10 / Top A3 A-4642 Sattledt T + 43-664-514 0815Email:

Effective member: 

SoMLL is a self-financed consortium of SMEs and research institutes of different fields. The steering board consists of highly committed people from four different organisations within the Austrian Alps region.  This model, and the operating scheme behind, is one of the contributions to best practices.  Other may be found in ICT innovations for collaborated, cross-industry working.

Description and Characteristics

SoMLL – „Sound Of Media Living Lab“ a newly started (2009) corporate-driven living lab is located in the Austrian Alps region. Major drivers are regional SMEs from the Austrian alp region and the Austrian govermental institutions which are representing the interests of Austrian business in a pluralistic society and advocates the social market economy, the deepening and enlargement of the EU.

Sound Of Media LL’s (SoMLL) intention to join ENoLL is to exchange best practices and lessons learned with the European community.  SoMLL fosters the involvement and participation of SMEs in EC research and innovation processes. Another aspect is to raise visibility of the Austrian Alps region as a “Region Of Change” and thus strengthening the region itself.


Summary of the SoMLL initiative:

  •          Cross regional
  •          Industry driven + transfer of knowledge from academia to companies
  •          Based on trust, same spirit (Demographic change as driver of tourist and culture)
  •          Regular meetings for brainstorming on management level (top down management)
  •          Regular meetings on expert level cross industry
  •          Regional platform for new working methods and technologies for industrial rehabilitation in culture and tourist industry.
  •          New Media communication platform as testing environment
  •          (Small) projects on single issues within the scope of demographic change (step by step – bottom up)
  •          Strong networked on regional industry level
  •          Support and exchange of workers cross labour contracts
  •          Technology scouts in companies

Objectives of the SoMLL initiative:

Main objectives are inclusion of all stakeholders of new media concepts for the support of the culture and touristic business areas, new methods of regional business planning, establishment of a beeding environment for Austrian Alps visitors and inhabitants and procedures and professional training in new media areas. Innovation is expected in the areas of new media concepts for SMEs regional marketing, working methods for cross business areas – culture and tourism, professional training in marketing communication technologies and ICT support in those areas.