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Smart Life Lab aspires to be a research and development lab which will be of benefit to the general public and Chinese society. For us, technology is a tool for presenting our ideas. It is said that without soul, music is nothing but meaningless patterns. We believe that without human factors, a product is nothing but awkward technology. By including human factors in our designs, we make the best use of both simple and advanced technology to improve the quality of life.


We synthesize various methods and tools to enhance our capacity for innovation. To articulate user problems and discover potential solutions, we apply some good design phases and techniques to our innovation process. In addition, to develop fuzzy front end innovation, the lead user method is helpful for working with expert users in multidisciplinary fields. Particularly, our first innovations come from  two co-founders who play a role of parents. In Taiwan, our industry advantage is wide-variety-small-volume production. We utilize this advantage to build trust-based partnerships with business clients, without which we cannot rapidly bring our prototypes to realization. With mutual agreement on intellectual property commercialization, we are willing to share our patents, know-how, and prototypes to develop new innovative businesses. In addition to our partners, we are also connected to professional networks and industry experts. Our design capability allows us to turn ideas into business through user inspiration.Particularly, we are a technology-intensive business service company emphasizing exploring user innovation. On the one hand, we hope to upgrade the technological capability of “traditional” industry by making product prototypes; on the other hand, we hope to inspire design companies with the user-centric method. By applying for government innovation projects, we will create an alliance between different industries and help to nurture collaboration between the public and private sectors.

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Smart Life Lab Inc. supports and works with organisations including: Free Universe Education Foundation  (; Design Center ( some Taiwan’s hospitals.