Slovenian Automotive Living Lab

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Dušan Bušen, ACS Dimičeva 9 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Tel.: +386 (0)1 236 17 35 Fax: +386 (0)1 236 17 33

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Slovenian Automotive Living Lab is the central R&D and communication point between manufacturers, suppliers, research organizations and the government with innovative infrastructure support for Slovenian automotive industry. It has 54 members, from those 53 industrial companies and 6 R&D institutions (of which 5 faculties). Like the future of the automobile, which is based on the separate development of each part including our parts, the progress of the Slovenian Automotive Living Lab also depends on continual development and co-operation among the members.  

Description of Concept

Even though the convergence of technologies introduced the development of multiple forms of cooperation and integration (irrespective of distances, geographical position, etc.) which became mobile, personalized and virtual, the development of knowledge and values in local networking competence systems still remains the first priority. It is with this fact in mind that the Slovenian Automotive Living Lab is determined to provide an environment that is going to be a catalyst and a driving-force of joint R&D processes in all of the members as well as in all other interested companies, institutions and other Living Labs. This will result in new important technologies, functions and products.  

References and Track Record

Supported by our rich experience we pursue a clear vision. In line with our guidelines we seek and accept new challenges and an active role in building the future of the automotive business. Slovenian Automotive Living Lab is entering the phase of growth, the characteristics of which are even more intense cooperation between the members, the increase of number of members and in this way the increase of the potential knowledge and competence base. Network connection on the knowledge and competence level can be understood as a new dimension of forming the Slovenian Automotive Living Lab.