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Jože Gričar, +386 4 237 4291,, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Kidriceva cesta 55a, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

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The eLivingLab ( is focusing on a development of “e” prototype solutions (eCommerce, eGovernment, eLearning) in Slovenia and the eRegion. The focus in the Slovenian alpine region of Gorenjska with 200.000 inhabitants in 18 municipalities, its eCenter of the University of Maribor and cluster of software SMEs. The e-region as a whole is defined by all organisations – linked by eTechnologies – of the nearby countries within a perimeter of 200 to 500 kms surrounding the observation point. Ideas on innovative eSolutions are developed locally and cross-border in close cooperation with business and government organizations.

Description of Concept

Geographically the eRegion is at the crossing point of the Pan-European Transport Corridors No. 5 (Lisbon - Kiev) and No.10 (Hamburg –Istanbul &Thessaloniki). Thus the eLivingLab Slovenia is an integral component of a cross-border innovative eRegion Development, which intends to deliver a public-citizen-business development approach to activities and link them to two business & government executive meetings annually. The activities of the eLivingLab are supportive to the ICT-Powered eRegion development in Central Europe and are also imbedded into the activities of eCollaboration within ALADIN – ALpe ADria INitiative Universities’ Network. The local activities in the Gorenjska region focus on integrating telecommunication and e-contents into all spheres of the future lives of its inhabitants and businesses. The proposed projects will develop a living e-Region where modern technologies are tested and introduced immediately for everyday use by local businesses and citizen services. This links to cross-border projects and overall aims of the eLivingLab in the larger eRegion.

References and Track Record 

Researchers and students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, are developing operational prototypes in close cooperation with numerous organizations. The eLivingLab is involved in organizing annual international workshops on the Living Labs in the innovative cross- border eRegion since 2004. Current research and development areas of the eLivingLab include: eInvoicing in the eRegion, information systems interoperability of organizations involved in a major disaster relief in the eRegion and eProcurement & RFID in the eRegion. In addition the eLivingLab is involved in EU funded research projects of the 6th Framework Programme. The envisioned role of the eLivingLab is also in the eSilk & eAmber Road Innovative Regions “Think Tank”: Business & government executives & professors commitment to making a difference. The eLivingLab is situated in the Gorjenska region which has managed to turn its industrial tradition into modern technology and tourism development. The listed activities form the key potential for future services in software industry and telecommunications and future applications in several key services of the eRegion.