SJM-ILL - S. Joäo da Madeira Industrial living lab

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SANJOTEC - Scientific and Technological Association  Adress: Rua de Fundões, 3701-956 S. João da Madeira, Portugal URL:  Tel.: (+351) 256 200 270 E-mail:

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S. João da Madeira (SJM) is a small council of 8 km2, located in the Northern Region of Portugal, which is part of the Entre Douro e Vouga sub-region, located 40 km from Porto. SJM is a community of 21.000 inhabitants and 370 industrial companies, mainly SMEs, which have an annual sales volume of approximately 1.000 Million€, of which 40% correspond to exports to the European Market. SJM industrial council has one of the highest rates of enterprises per square meter at a national level.  

Description of Concept

The target end users of the SJM-ILL are the local SMEs of the shoe and automotive clusters and their customers. The SJM-ILL is a co-creative space for innovation focused on giving empowerment to the local business, industrial community end users, by providing them with a user-driven Living Lab environment supported by stronger technological, innovation capacity and user involvement.  The SJM-ILL will play a key role in the growth and development of, not only the local, but also the regional competitiveness in Entre Douro e Vouga, by establishing a dynamic model to support the innovation process of SMEs, involving all the main stakeholders of the innovation processes: public administration, knowledge creation, companies, funding and finance and users in public, private partnerships, addressing the full life cycle of a product / services from idea, creation to prototyping and market placement.  This model is sustained by the real needs and requests of local enterprises and by the accumulated knowledge of the universities and R&D institutions with a wide experience in the specific sectors. The user-driven methodology includes the following actions:

- Identification of the industrial needs in the shoe and automotive sectors in terms of technology, products, services or processes; 

- Establishment of the business model, the financial support mechanisms and respective teams for the  projects management; 

- Development of the innovation projects for specific enterprises. These projects include the phases of analysis (functional and technical), development, test and deployment; 

- Development of financial support programmes to promote the creation of start up companies in the strategic sectors in the SJM-ILL; 

- Promotion and dissemination of the innovation projects results; 

- Gather and analyse the end user feedback on the projects outcome;

- Facilitate the creation of the required partnerships.  

With the implementation of this actions SJM-ILL pretend to achieve the following objectives:

- Contribute to the development of SJM in economical terms, qualification of human resources, and innovation

- Entrepreneurial culture;

- Support all the stakeholders of the network of strategic partnerships for the innovation boost within the industrial community of SJM in the shoe and automotive industries chain values and in the automation and robotics, moulds, materials and nanotechnologies sectors; 

- Foster and sustain an innovation and entrepreneurial environment/culture among citizens, enterprises, R&D institutions, universities, and professional training institutes; 

- Support the development innovative technologies, products and services to the industrial community of SJM (in a first stage and the other European LL, in a second stage), using advanced knowledge, information and communication technologies (ICT) and specific R&D; 

- Capture funding, at national and international level for the SJM-ILL;