SaMPL Cultural and Creative Living Lab

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Conservatorio Statale di Musica ”Cesare Pollini”

Via Eremitani, 18

35121 Padova


Telephone: +39/049/8759880

Fax: +39/049/661174



Main contact person:

Amalia de Gőtzen

Via Eremitani, 18

35121 Padova



Effective member: 

SaMPL Lab focuses on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and business development in the context of a multidisciplinary eco-system structured around the domains of creative economy and cultural heritage. SaMPL Lab considers creativity as one of the main resources of the knowledge economy, giving access to technological change and giving competitive advantages to companies. For this reason, since 2010 SaMPL Lab is in place as an integrated laboratory of the Conservatory of Padova, dedicated to several activities in the field of ICT for creativity, cultural heritage, arts, media, and functional creations related to music production, conservation and restoration.

Our approach to user-driven innovation comes from real-life considerations, since the local area has many cultural assets, skilled researchers, entrepreneurs and facilities, resulting in potential opportunities for cross-organizational collaboration and for business development on a territorial basis.

SaMPL Lab has indeed many collaborations in place with enterprises and public institutions at National and International level, aiming at boosting local economy focusing on new ideas encapsulating different economic, aesthetic and social aspects. Therefore, the participation to ENoLL is an opportunity to share experiences and to create new partnerships in Europe for common interests on user-centric innovation in the domain of cultural heritage and creativity, gathering a multitude of perspectives that can lead to faster development, new ideas and unexpected business openings in the market.



Since the concept of experimentation is common both to researchers, to artists, and to innovative entrepreneurs alike, we defined a number of common frameworks and tools which provide an appropriate interaction among the actors. SaMPL Lab offers a creative environment where research and art already collaborate in a productive way injecting new ideas and concepts in both fields: this offers to the industrial stakeholders more innovative ideas, more appropriate solutions for the market, and more rapid prototyping. SaMPL Lab has also being developing governance capabilities to manage complex situations and to address the growing demand for “expertise centers” with specific competences, in particular for the extremely fast moving sector of Information Technology applied to cultural and creativity-related services. In these terms, SaMPL Lab acts as a point of convergence for many local groups that were already working on cocreative innovation for a long time, to facilitate cross fertilization of ideas and exchange of information among the different subjects.


References and Track Record

SaMPL Lab was estabilished in 2010, yet its main constituent groups have a longstanding track record in joint projects and activities, both at local and international level. Many of those activities have started in the full spirit of Living Labs and have flown into the Living Lab experience, like the participation to several collaborative research projects and networks, and partnerships with major academic, industrial and cultural stakeholders. Typical results are based on producer/consumer relationships, by organizing and taking part to many different activity formats, ranging from scientific projects to tutorial sessions to music concerts, etc. In order to keep a constant lively interaction between all stakeholders, SaMPL Lab uses a large palette of free software tools, providing project tracking systems, source control systems, a material reservation/tracking system and a common event calendar used both for organizational purposes and for public communication.