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Franky Trichet

1, quai de Tourville, 44035 Nantes, France

+33(0) 228 081 037

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A citizen knowledge and territorial patrimony valorisation living lab, based on a social cross-media platform of the Loire territory, semantic web technologies and social networking tools for innovative mobile devices services.


The Off-Road Memory Living Lab is the largest user-centric innovation structure on the Loire territory (the Loire river and its two french regions Pays de la Loire and Centre). Dedicated to Knowledge Economy and innovative mediation methods, the main objective of this Living Lab is to federate public-private-people partnerships and to support stakeholders in charge of a better touristic, economic, industrial and sociocultural heritage valorisation with semantic web technologies, social networking tools and innovative mobile phone services : geolocation, geo-tagging, augmented reality and 2D barcodes (the standard Quick-Response Code).

Off-Road Memory will encourage all the territorial stakeholders to conceive and develop a common framework and a shared knowledge base, dedicated to the Intangible Heritage of the Loire territory. With several delivered or planned projects, it is yet a catalyser for the smart valorisation of territorial patrimonies. It also facilitates the development of new sociocultural practices based on participative processes, involved in and fostered by the development of an heterogeneous multimedia content dedicated to the territorial collective memory. These new practices enable the creation of new ways to add value to the immaterial patrimonies, generally hidden in a territorial landscape - the so-called Off-Road Memory.

Keywords: Local Social Media, Social Network Analysis, Semantic Web, Innovative Mobile Services (geolocation, geo-tagging, augmented reality and 2D barcodes), Territorial Inheritage Valorisation, Collective Citizenship Promotion


References and Track Record

TAGDEVIN ( - The TAGDEVIN project is currently delivered as an augmented reality mobile application (iPhone, Android) dedicated to the viticultural and wine-growing patrimony across the beautiful and touristic "Routes des Vins du Val de Loire". By a 2D code directly linking the bottle to multimedia content, it promotes and valorises the ancestral know-how and new healthy practices, in a sustainable development state of mind, such as organic and natural wine. TAGDEVIN offers an immediate access - from the bottle - to didactic information in respect to the vine, the vineyards and the viticulturalist, such as images and stories telling who, where and how is grown the tagged wine (videos in the wine warehouses, the vineyards, tasting clips and so on). It adds cultural and economic value to the bottle, its related places and knowledge, in an affordable gaming way for current and future generations.

CARRE d’EMPREINTES ( - CARRÉ D'EMPREINTES provides a green and inexpensive solution by the dematerialization and enrichment of the well-known tourist information flyers (one code for several multimedia and multilingual resources). The concept is dedicated to the socio-territorial heritage and to the collective memory valorisation in villages, districts and countries via tagged circuits to be discovered on site. In each remarkable place, people access to local citizens telling stories about the site, anecdotes, historical or forgotten facts, accessed from the in-situ 2D code. For visitors, inhabitants and families, this is the best way to pick out knowledge within villages and remarkable places, and to share discussions about digital remembers. The permanent mobile access points foster the content appropriation and the inter-generations networking - youngest show to elders. It is a new, sustainable and cheaper alternative in authentic tourism and social media.

VUES SUR LOIRE ( - VUES SUR LOIRE is dedicated to the river Loire patrimonial culture and to its living richness. The project is developed in partnership with two regional antennas of the third French TV broadcasting channel: FRANCE 3 CENTRE and FRANCE 3 OUEST - GROUPE FRANCE TÉLÉVISION. VUES SUR LOIRE defines a digital environment as a multi-channel information sharing space for participative communities (e.g., uses, interests or practices communities), located or living on the Loire territory - i.e., the royal river, from Sancerre to Saint-Nazaire, hosting the famous Chateaux de La Loire (Castles of La Loire). Identification, federation and animation of these various living communities - aggregations of users scattered across the territory - need a communication tools set supporting some new intra and extra communitarian socialisation modes. A technological toolbox currently developped on four complementary components, self-resonant each others: web portal, mobile web portal, mobile application and TV magazine. Thus, VUES SUR LOIRE federates the living communities of the Loire within the participative raise of collective memory. From a dynamic making up of institutional and participative coverage, it leads to knowledge discovery and recommendations extraction from digital marks left in extra / intra communitarian exchanges.