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Consorzio Roma Ricerche


Via Giacomo Peroni, 130


00131 Roma


Prof. Carlo Maria Medaglia


Tel. +39.06. 40 400 138

Fax +39 06 41294723

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In the era of ubiquitous computing, the increase of the distribution’s degree of the systems up to objects and virtualization, resources and services, the methodology of scientific research is just a privileged status that allows you to develop skills that cut across the proliferation of technologies - decline of computing, telecommunications and the social sciences - and thus achieve value creation. In this context, the Centre stands as a place of research on a range of topics and technologies that are characterized by strong innovation and focus on identifying services, tracking mobile and delivery services. The areas below, which represent  the LL starting list, can be scaled to fit and built in light of new requirements:

Smart Objects and the Internet of things - The objective of this area is the research on algorithms, components and architectures for systems based on the interaction between smart objects and the impact that these systems have on industrial processes and on society.

Mobility and Geographic Information Systems - The area of research is concerned with the study and development of location based services and mobile services (m-payments, m-advertising, m-commerce, etc.) using detection systems in real time.


Description of Concept

When it comes to matching the R&D needs of industrial companies the most common solution is to partially fund the R&D on innovative projects, which works sufficiently  well in the case of large companies, whereas it becomes more and more critical  as the company’s size decrease, both because of the lack of available funds and of the scarcity of internal human resources, and finally the system becomes irrelevant if you look at the world of small and micro enterprises. The Research and Innovation Centre stems from the desire of various organizations (CRR, Unindustria, Polo Tecnologico Tiburtino, Chambers of Commerce of Rome) which carry out in the region the initiatives of promotion and development of the innovation and technology transfer programs, to create a physical place that will enable industrial enterprises of every dimension to acquire knowledge and technologies to increase the competitiveness of its products and / or services.  The decision to make such knowledge available was geared toward those of "cross industry", with potential large developments.


References and Track Record

The guarantee of absolute scientific quality of the initiative comes from the direct presence of two major developments such as the CATTID and the CRR. These structures, in addition to the high intrinsic value, are able to interact with the national and international scientific world and thus constitute a bridge to the larger, recent and complete knowledge on selected sectors would be impossible for almost all of the business realities to which the Centre is addressing. The staff is composed by a wide range of professional figures (graduates in Computer Engineering-Telecommunications, physicists, economists, experts in design, accessibility and communication) that assures a multidisciplinary approach full 360 degrees and high value-added.