RENER Living Lab

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RENER LL INTELI – Inteligência em Inovação Av. Conselheiro Fernando de Sousa, 11 - 4º / 1070-072 Lisboa / PORTUGAL

phone: (+351) 21 711 22 10 ;

fax: (+351) 21 711 22 20

Effective member: 

New energy technologies have the capacity of contributing to the creation of wealth and jobs in Europe.  RENER LL aims to foster the development of a local community by developing the smart grid concept associated with new renewable energy technologies.   

Description of Concept

Energy has become a primary concern in Europe due to climate change and the high dependency on expensive and unstable energy imports, raising environmental, economic and strategic threats. The Energy Policy of the European Commission addresses these issues and puts a strong emphasis on the contribution of new energy technologies to a new economic paradigm, the so-called low carbon economy. RENER LL wants to be a part of this effort and lies in the intersection of the energy, transport and urban development policies.  RENER LL's mission is to induce the appropriate context, in a local community, to allow the research and development, the test, implementation and validation of new energy technologies and solutions. In order to achieve this mission, RENER LL will act both as a test bed and a demo site, putting a special emphasis in the smart grid concept as a way of fostering the development and integrating multiple technologies.  

References and Track Record

A key element of RENER LL is the involvement of the local community.  The local population will be encouraged to get involved as users of new technologies and take advantage of it, playing an important role in the development, testing and acceptance of new emerging technologies.  Particularly important is the analysis of new market and regulatory approaches and the consumers’ reaction to them as smart grids will enhance new business models. At the same time it’s expected that new jobs will be created in the community,reinforcing the commitment and the acceptance towards the project, as it will involve Portuguese companies and R&D institutes that typically face many obstacles to reach the market / commercial stages. RENER LL will also act on the local community identity, promoting it as an energy sustainable community. The project will enhance its sense of responsibility but also its sense of pride.