The RECORD online Living Lab

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Ola Gaute Aas Askheim, Opinion AS (

Effective member: 

An online Living Lab to improve user research, design-feedback and co-creation in ICT development 


The RECORD Living Lab is being set up to meet user involvement challenges in Information and communication technology (ICT) development, in particular targeting: Evolving user requirements and patterns of media use, design, and user-feedback in the early development phases of ideation and design. End-user engagement in online communities indicates that we have a lot to gain from allowing users to participate in the design process. The RECORD Living Lab will tap into the creative powers of users by utilizing online community functionality as means to gather knowledge to improve online community design.

Nuts and bolts

The RECORD Living Lab consists of a Internet panel and an online environment. Internet panel: In order to involve a fairly representative set of users – and not just the most committed – the RECORD Living Lab includes >3000 Internet users meant to be as representative as possible for Norwegian Internet users age 15-40 years. We aim for the Living Lab participants to help us:

o Provide information on their online community media and services use 

o Engage in design discussions and provide design feedback on prototypes or running services 

o Participate in user-centred evaluation 

The Living Lab panel will also be used to carry out a longitudinal investigation of patterns of media use in online communities – where we follow the same users across several years in order to gain knowledge regarding factors affecting online community success – and what effect online community use may have on the users. Online environment: An online environment for user co-creation and feedback will be used to allow: 

o User comments and ratings of suggested services and designs 

o Users posting design revisions or alternate design suggestions 

o User-user and user-developer discussions.


The Living Lab panel was established in the fall 2007, and early trial cases has been run with an intermediate online environment mainly supporting one-way communication with the participants. A first version of an online environment based on community technology ios planned to be used in trial cases early 2009.

Currently the RECORD Living Lab serves early trial cases with project partners. When the RECORD Living Lab reaches sufficient maturity (2009-10) we aim to make the Living Lab services to be made commercially available to the industry in general. The RECORD online Living Lab is hosted by Opinion AS and SINTEF, and is being developed as part of the research project RECORD – supported by the Norwegian research council.