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Esa Posio  CTO, Internet Experimentation  University of Oulu, Center for Internet Excellence   P.O. BOX 1001, FIN‐90014, University of Oulu, FINLAND   Esa.posio@cie.fi

phone: + 358 50 5595621 


For further information, please visit http://www.oullabs.fi/

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OULLabs ‐ Oulu Urban Living Labs

The city of Oulu and the Oulu region with its developing infrastructure forms an excellent urban living lab ‐ a system and an environment where real‐life use‐centric innovations flourish. The Oulu region is known for the intensive collaboration between companies, public sector and universities. By adding people, OULLabs forms a new unique opportunity for co‐creation. OULLabs is a network that enables testing of products and services always in real environment and with authentic users.


OULLabs is established to support the region to further utilize the existing infrastructures and networks. OULLabs targets to develop utilization of user‐centric knowledge for better appliances and services for inhabitants, as well as to expedite growth of businesses in the Oulu region.

The aim is to create an active environment, which drives co‐creation of user‐centric services supported by tailored research, development and solution creation. OULLabs drives for the Living Lab approach to obtain user‐driven innovations to empower ordinary people to experiment and co‐create new innovations for better living. OULLabs acts as “one‐stop‐shop” testing and test bed service provider with project and resource management. It also offers mutual marketing and communication services and opens a window of opportunity to national and international projects. OULLabs brings together living labs, companies, public sector, social user groups and individual users. The focus of OULLabs is Information and Communication Technology, eHealth, Education and Smart Cities.

References and Track Record

OULLabs’ current, focus-related test environments are PATIO, TTKaakkuri, HYTKE and InnoAula. As a new one, Technology and Innovation Showroom has recently joined OULLabs. More new test environments will be getting involved in the near future.

PATIO test user’s web forum was launched in January 2011.  With the help of PATIO’s test user pool, testing products, services or ideas is easy for any organization. PATIO connects developers and end-users to co-create better products and services. Several pilot test projects have already been carried out successfully, some of them including a user test on the spot, and followed by an in-depth discussion at PATIO.

OPEN UBIQUITOUS Oulu, Open community test bed for urban computing presents a unique urban computing test bed for studying the utilization of ubiquitous computing technology in the public urban space of a city center. The test bed comprises of a wide range of pervasive computing infrastructure and different middleware resources. They demonstrate the applicability and benefits of the test bed in evaluating technology pilots and prototyping new ubiquitous services in real-world urban setting. They conclude with a discussion on the challenges in deploying this kind of a large-scale test bed in a public urban space.