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E-secure transaction ClusterCampus EffiScience8 rue Léopold Sédar Senghor14460 ColombellesFrance



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Normandy LL

The Normandy Living Lab generates propitious conditions for the development of innovative products and services in the fields of m-logistics, m-payment, m-health, m-tourism, m-marketing and m-citizen, by systematically integrating the end user within the innovation process. The Normandy Living Lab relies on skills, networks and resources provided by the Secure Electronic Transactions (TES) and Normandie Seine Logistique (LSN) Competitiveness Clusters. The NLL is administrated by the TES Cluster.


The NLL is involved in the various phases required before the advent of an innovative product on the market: societal observation and study (usage, legislation, economy...), development of product concepts and, finally, life-size prototype experimentation on large scale populations.
The lab's field of activity covers secure electronic transaction technology and usage, targeting both individuals (payment via mobile phones, NFC, computer ticketing...) and organisations (secure intercompany exchange, public authorities, etc...) and the know-how connected to the management of the logistic flows.

The NLL comprises three operational units, each working independently:

  • The Usage Observatory is an academic unit providing sociological guidance and trends, the latest update in legislation and the socio-economic dynamics involved in secure electronic transaction usage etc. The unit's missions include the detection and transmission of pertinent signals on users and the environment within which they live.
  • The Innovation Institute tests product concepts resulting from the best possible creative fusion between consumer and market trends and the state of the art in current knowledge.
  • And finally, the Experimental Centre weighs experimental products against users within a context as close as possible to reality.

References and Track record

The NLL has inherited from an historical context within which the Normandy Regional Council, its respective urban communities, towns and local/regional authorities have, over several years, become increasingly conscious of the issues involved in usage testing within the context of new technologies.
Hence, as early as 2005, the Urban Community of Caen hosted a large scale experimental campaign on contactless mobile services, more commonly known as "Caen Ville NFC".

Several operational infrastructures are in place within the Normandy region and the Seine corridor: an IPv6 test platform, a monetics platform unique in Europe, a regional dark fibre network, WiMax covering the Orne department, the Effiscience Science Park focusing on "Interactive Nomad Devices", an experimental warehouse for m-logistics and a "container" test zone within the commercial port of Le Havre.