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- Laurent Dupont ; NIT InoCité - Nancy-Université - 2 Rue Villermaux- 54000 NANCY – France – Acces Map ; +33 (0)6 20 43 46 38 ; - Dr Jacky Chef ; Promotech CEI ; +33 (0)3 83 50 44 44 ;

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Developed in the framework of the NIT (Noyau d’Innovation et de Technologie / Core of Innovation and technology) strategy of the University of Lorraine, the main purpose of Smart Cities Living Lab is to establish a “user-driven” based development model to enhance the citizen quality of life and to support the local economic and urban development (in the region of Lorraine). NIT Smart Cities Living Lab has three types of impact: industrial, urban and new ventures creation. To sum up, the objective is to develop smart process in smart cities to make even smarter cities. In practical terms, the NIT Smart Cities Living Lab relies on the collaboration of InoCité and Promotech CEI platforms and their shared ICT based approaches.  


InoCité, linked to the ERPI research team, is a resource center of the University of Lorraine, developed in 2009, which can be described as a collaborative environment (workspace, tools, and methodologies) dedicated to the co-creation process of new industrial or urban products and services. Its purpose is to help the development of project with the participation of various actors of the local society. Promotech CEI is an European Community Business and innovative Centre (Ec-BIC). It develops an original process dedicated to the new Ventures co-creation with 3 levels of support:

1. New Venture addressing new applications: a new form for building a project

2. New type of venture organization/model: user as part of the companies, such as entrepreneurs, shareholders

3. New type of coaching: a new ICT based support model for incubators, the mixed coaching, entrepreneurs and users together InoCité and Promotech CEI platforms offer physical and virtual spaces where citizens/users can take part in industrial, urban or venture co-creation projects. E.g., InoCité platform uses an area of 250 m² to allow stakeholders to work together.

Processes are based on collaborative methodology and ICT tools: collaborative space, digital interactive white board, mindmap, Internet survey and Survey analyse software, etc. Promotech uses wiki for each project.

References and Track Record

Results and impacts are obtained in industrial (a), urban (b) and new ventures co-creation (c) projects. For example:

a. Mobile Learning: new pedagogic applications on Smartphones to learn English, developed by students    Icrisis: Industrial security, risk management    Pôle verrier (tableware and discharge mould’s perspectives): collaborative forecasting  

b. Renewal square Thiers: participatory urban project

    Sustainable shopping mall: customary practices of a commercial mall transfer to town center

Mobility: Urban transport, carpooling and car sharing (regional scale)

c. Covivo: (real-time dynamic carpooling): new venture by young entrepreneurs     Create my new venture by young entrepreneur