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Begoña Benito Barajas

Portuetxe Bidea, nº14 Edif. Ibaeta, planta 1ª, 20018, San Sebastián, Spain

Tel: +34943316666


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Mobility for sustainable territories – Mobility Lab is the living lab that permits the involvement of users, companies or individuals in all stages of a design process for mobility solutions. In this Lab we are working on developing mobile solutions and services primarily to the segments ICT, transport, health and energy. Our objectives are: to be leaders in the technological solutions to managing models of vehicle flows, develop the most innovative technologies, optimize resources linked to the transport infrastructure in road and urban areas and create new services for citizens and for the sustainable use of road infrastructure.


Mobility Lab is situated in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa (in the Basque Country, North of Spain). Its activity started more or less three years ago. During these years their work is increasing, as well as their contacts due to all the organizational entities in the LL: Gaia (and its enterprises:Ibermatika, Ribate, etc.), Tekniker, Bidegi and the Council of Gipuzkoa. All these partners have their particular role to achieve the objectives of the lab.

Mobility Lab’s vision is to be a global reference unit in applied research of management models of vehicle flows supported by ICT.Mobility Lab is going to be the leader in optimizing resources linked to the transport infrastructure in road and urban areas. All the actors of the lab (from the researchers, to technology suppliers, users, politicians, the responsible of the roads in our territories, etc) work to achieve the most advanced technology to control the necessary data and optimize the traffic.

This LL is the not the only one working in this sector but we have different advanced projects on which are being tested satisfactorily. However, the special characteristic in our Lab is the collaboration between the different actors: all of them are completely involved in the lab.

References and Track Record

First of all we also have to mention that our LL has been selected as winner in the GAINS Open Call for LL in reference to the theme 1: energy, where the OpenCarData project had been the winner of the GNSS Prize. (

Mobility Lab also has the label of Territories of Tomorrow Foundation as it can be read in (

Another references, apart from the weeb-site of the LL (, are the websites of the different actors of the LL:,,,,, and .