Mobile City Bregenz

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Mobile City Bregenz:
Wolfgang Nägele,
Belruptstraße 1,
6900 Bregenz
 Tel: +43/5574/410-1150,
Fax: +43/410-510,

Living Lab Vorarlberg:
Dr.-Ing. Jens Schumacher,
Hochschulstraße 1,
6850 Dornbirn
Tel: +43/5572/792-7118,
Fax: +43/5572/792-9510,

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The objective of the Mobile City Bregenz is to provide innovative products and services to its citizens and tourists using advanced mobile technologies. The Mobile City Bregenz is situated in the City of Bregenz which is the capital of Vorarlberg. There are about 30.000 citizens within Bregenz and because of the Lake of Constanze and the famous Summer Festival there are many tourists in the city especially in summer.

Description of Concept

The „Mobile City Bregenz“ was founded in 2004 in collaboration with the Mobilkom Austria. Mobile City Bregenz was the first Mobile City in Austria and one of the first Mobile Cities in Europe. The region has committed itself to the development of Mobile Services for Citizens and Tourist alike. Thus Bregenz has on the one Hand supported the implementation of a mobile Broadband Infrastructure (e.g. UMTS HSDPA) while at the same time supporting the development of new innovative services for the citizens and tourists in Bregenz. Since the launch of the Mobile City Bregenz several unique services have been developed and successfully deployed. These services are fully operational and the further development and validation of these services is now taking place in the city of Bregenz.

In order to raise the awareness for the Mobile City Bregenz special advertisements and promotion activities have been launched in order to prepare and introduce the citizens for the different new opportunities that are part of the Mobile City Bregenz experience.

References and Track Record

The concept has so far proved to be highly successful which is also mirrored in the concept of a digressive sponsoring of the services developed in the Mobile City Bregenz, the deployed services currently stand on their own and the Mobilkom Austria operator is exploiting them. A further development of the Mobile City Bregenz will take place in the next years.

The national funded project “Living Lab Vorarlberg” was launched in order to increase the integration of the citizens in the new product innovation process. The primary goal of this project is to further promote the user-centered development of products and services.