MIMMA Living Lab

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Information doc: 

Contact person: Gloria Patón,  Gloria@mimmalivinglab.eu

Host organization: E2 (Emotional Exhibitions S.L) / InterExpo

Address: Calle Compañía 34, 4 Planta.  29008 Málaga (Spain)

Telephone: +34 952211854

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MIMMALAB - Interactive Music Museum Living Lab


MIMMA Living Lab, converts a museum (MIMMA or Interactive Music Museum of Malaga) into an experimentation and testing facility and transforms its museum visitors into co-creators and testers of innovative products, services and new experiences for museums and expositions. The aim is to use Open Innovation and User-centric methologies as powerful and effective tools in transforming our own museum and museums all over the world into more interactive, empathetic and user-friendly experiences for our visitors. 


MIMMA stands for Interactive Music Museum of Málaga in Spain. “The MIMMA, in operation since 2002, houses one of the most comprehensive collections in Europe, with over 400 instruments from different historic periods and continents. The Museum has been conceived as a great cultural space where visitors are surrounded by sounds and it makes use of the latest technological advances and interactive tools to showcase all aspects of music, from the meaning of silence, passing through music creation and ongoing transformation of music as a product for public consumption”.

(Source: http://interactivemusicmuseum.com/maes/en/MALAGA.html).

MIMMA (the museum) is supported by the City Council and was created and is operated by a local SME called InterExpo (promoter of the Museum). Since its inauguration in 2002, MIMMA has carried out many activities and projects involving visitors to the museum as well as other target groups (schools, associations of retired persons, tour-operators, research groups, etc) in the testing of new technologies, products and scientific experiences related to sound and music. The main characteristics of MIMMALab are;

  • Transforms the visitors to the museum and specific target groups into co-creators and testers of new technological products and services (related to music, sound, multimedia, smart environments and new experiences for museums). The recruitment of users becomes now an opportunity instead of an obstacle.
  • Offers an interesting facility for SMEs and researchers to test their products and experiments and to co-create along with users and other stakeholders.
  • Transforms a museum in a more interactive and active experience from the visitor´s point of view.
  • Brings new technology and experiences closer to people
  • Brings a community of SMEs, research institutions, music related institutions, associations, etc. together in the creation of new services.

References and Track Record

MIMMALab is a public-private-people-partnership, created by InterExpo (SME that runs MIMMA), Emotional Exhibitions (SME focused on business and technology services), Friends of  MIMMA Association (consisting of its users, over 2500 associated members so far), and the City Council. Since 2002 MIMMALab has performed multiple activities and experiments such as Pulso 1.0 and 2.0, "Music in Action in Europe", "Paisaje sonoros" experience in the city streets, testing of products with Roland and Nintendo, multiple research and demonstration experiments related to sound, acoustic, and music and many others (www.mimmalivinglab.eu).