MIBON: Multimedia, ICT, Business Organisation Network

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Information doc: 

Victoria Works Vittoria Street Birmingham B1 3PE ENGLAND 0121 236 1060 info@mibon.org

Effective member: 

The main aim of MIBON is to share knowledge of new technology tools and products to enable the collaborative development of new markets, new product and service development. As a ‘living lab’, MIBON supports new ideas for technology development and applications. MIBON partners work in developing and testing out new technology products, through demonstrating, supporting the piloting of technology products and promoting the take up of developed ICT tools and products


 MIBON, as an active network, aims to provide a ‘test bed’ for technology and service providers (universities, individuals, large and small companies, etc), comprising small and medium sized (SME) enterprises, to pilot leading edge technology developments in new media, ICT and business applications. Direction and future plans for MIBON are to further deepen and extend European links, engaging with European new technology and product development projects; to share our knowledge, to widen and open up opportunities to get into new project areas in leading-edge technologies in health, ICT for ageing, semantic content analysis, creative industry applications, nanotechnology applications and space technology. To offer the opportunities to our SMEs of networking with more advanced SMEs in Europe, leveraging advanced technologies – whether through piloting of new applications, collaborative development of new products/ services, collaborative research, or wider scale application of technology at a City-level e.g. Satellite GPS location-based services and products.

Track Record

 The MIBON partners have been involved in collaborative innovation since early 2007 in the Birmingham and Midlands region of the UK. MIBON members come from a range of sectors – all with an interest and commitment to utilising new information and communication technologies (ICT) and high-end technology to support the development of new products and services, finding new markets and sharing knowledge, and developing new technology applications with other members of the network. MIBON is engaged with European funded programmes such as Laboranova (FP6 IP) in piloting and testing Laboraonova’s ICT tools for collaborative innovation. Previous European experience of the MIBON partners includes multilevel user engagement with SMEs, business support agencies, consultancies and large companies. Previous experience also includes ESF projects in the development of digital distribution channels for music publishing and visual arts and design. Collaborative projects to test out new methodologies in product development, with collaborations between ICT experts and manufactures in the development of bespoke instruments as well as jewellery manufactures in the development of new products. Recently MIBON members initiated a collaborative project between tool makers, ICT experts and engineering companies. Examples of case studies can we found at our website www.mibon.org