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MENDINET Arkaute s/n 01192 Arkaute  (Álava)  Spain email:  Contact person: Iker Bilbao

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MENDINET is the Local Action Group responsible for the administration of the LEADER Approach in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. MENDINET is comprised of Associations of Rural Development of the Basque Country and ITSASMENDIKOI, LTD. The general goal of MENDINET is to encourage socioeconomic development in LEADER regions of the Basque Country in order to maintain rural populations by widening the population and territory base through increasing employment opportunities and providing equipment and services to improve the quality of life of these communities. This process is to be carried out under an innovative strategy, marked by its quality and commitment to integrated, sustainable development. The strategy of the Group is the development of rural areas through the implementation of innovative activities selected from Regional Rural Development Programmes, through careful, bottom-up network collaboration among all entities that form part of MENDINET.

References and Track Record Typical results and Impacts (examples)

- Introduction of ICT in the ovine dairy sector. The aim of the project was that 70-80% of the members of the Association Artzai-Gazta (approximately 60-70 shepherds) was to have a computer and would be able to use some of the applications object of this project. The shepherds themselves took part in the design of the computer applications. This project was considered a “good practice” within the framework of the LEADER+ aids (2000-2006).

- Alarm system for elderly people. Project promoted in cooperation with Social Assistants. The aim was that elderly people con continue to live alone in isolated houses. To do so, a domotic system was installed to enable the control of the security in the homes of elderly people who live alone in isolated areas.  

- Location of loose cattle. System that allows shepherds/stockbreeders to represent geographically on an orthophoto on a website the position of the animals, which have a device that allows their location. The shepherds themselves requested the project and carried out the tests proving the technical, social and economical feasibility of the project.