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Host organization: Mobile Life & New Media Laboratory (MINE lab) Location: Room 504, DRC Mansion , No.28 Xinjiekou Outer Street, Beijing, China Contact person: Ji Yang, Director of MINE lab, Email:

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Mobile Life Club of China (MC2) is sponsored and operated by Mobile Life & New Media Laboratory (MINE lab), Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). To lead innovation processes, we can pass the value of “Useful, Fun and Charity” to the students and the community, create a living lab innovation model for China.


-    MC2 aims to create an innovation environment to integrate technology, design and campus life building on the “Innovation 2.0 + Innovation Services Bus” system. With coordination from multi-disciplinary researchers and resources, we lead college students and citizens in the innovation processes to improve our life to be “Useful, Fun and Charitable”.

-    Based on “Innovation 2.0 + Innovation Services Bus” system, MC2 will create an innovation environment to integrate technology, design and campus life.

-    MC2 focuses on Mobile Internet and mobile application innovation , with the coordination of multi-disciplinary researchers and resources from Computer Science, Mobile Networking, Experimental Psychology, Arts, Mechanism and Industrial Design, etc.

-    MC2 gathers groups of creative person to share their wisdom, cooperation and hard work. - MC2 builds joint forces among developers, end-users, governmental organizations andcommercial companies.

References and Track Record

-    Mobile Application Innovation based on Open Terminal Architecture. This is an Application Innovation Program in order to promote fast innovation iteration process in mobile application development. In this program Mobile Widget Technology is adopted as the mobile application form. OPhone OS and relative terminal are taken as the supporting terminal platform.

-    Campus Innovation Training Program. After a successful start on Mobile Widget Training in BUPT campus in Jan 2009, MC2 plans to continue to launch series of trainings in campus to trigger extensive innovation in campus importing multi-disciplinary cooperation mode. The entire training program is provided to MC2 volunteers and college students almost for free 5 or more times each year. Students and volunteers are guided

-    3D Campus Social Network System. This is a campus SNS platform for BUPT students, which adopts the C/S architecture with one data service center connected to both fixed and mobile terminal clients. In this system virtual reality interaction technology and Location Based Service are merged and adopted in the form of three dimensional map service and add-on services.