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Fernanda SerranoE-mail: +34 91 389 62 64Fundación Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Madrid, SpainLorena Bourg,, +34 91 502 14 90Ariadna Servicios Informáticos, Madrid, Spain

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Man & Earth Lab works for the regional and rural development of different Spanish territories by the implementation of several actions governed by the needs of persons and its environment. This balance between Man and Earth is the unique characteristic distinguishing Man & Earth Lab.

Man & Earth Lab sells sustainability and biodiversity; it generates and validates products and services for sustainability, biodiversity and rural development.


Man & Earth Lab provides products and services for rural development, biodiversity, sustainability and land stewardship, assuring a balance between human activity and nature preservation. Every action or project developed by Man & Earth Living Lab comes either from a private investment for obtaining a specific product or service validated by users in the territory where is going to be deployed or commercialized, or from a R&D project partially funded by public investment. In this case, particular emphasis is made in public exploitation of the results.

One of the most important resources of Man & Earth Lab is the ability for reaching rural and natural territories by the actions of the rural organizations working within the Living Lab. By these means it’s possible to reach and involve all kind of users and stakeholders from the rural and natural territories, to gather users’ needs and validate products and services in real-life contexts with real users before they are commercialized.

Every type of organization has a specific role in the Living Lab structure and this structure is one of the most important resources of Man & Earth Lab.

Man&Health LL is based on five pillars: Rural Professional Organizations, Local Action Groups, Non Governmental Organizations, Enterprises and Public Administrations, all coordinated by Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation. All these organizations have signed a collaboration agreement with the Living Lab coordinator in order to be part of the Living Lab.

References and Track Record

Man & Earth is working in the generation of the following products and/or services:Methodology for Entrepreneurship in rural areas: Man & Earth Lab has developed a methodology for the creation of sustainable entrepreneurship in rural areas that allows the replication of the action in several territories. This methodology is already being sold as a service offered by the Living Lab.

Geolocation of rural products and services: This product/service is part of an ambitious project aiming the geolocation of every asset in rural and natural territory in order to increase the added value of these territories. It’s being made with the participation of rural population, producers, public administrations and technological providers. After the technological infrastructure is created the participation of users and stakeholders is needed in order to geolocate and georeference products, services, natural assets, information for tourism, biodiversity information and so on, in the territory.

New techniques for business management for rural development and biodiversity: This project aims the preservation of wild biodiversity and cultural heritage in rural and natural areas by promotion of new commercialization channels, educating producers in new techniques for business management