Lunigiana Amica

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Information doc: 

Fausto Vasini (Director), +39 0187 408015

Francesco Molinari (Project Manager), 

Coldiretti Massa-Carrara, 

Effective member: 

Lunigiana Amica is a non-profit association that is currently joining 127 small and micro businesses active in the rural district of Lunigiana, Tuscany, Italy, mainly from agro-industry and agro-tourism. Its current partners are the only members of Lunigiana Amica’s General Assembly and Management Board; local public administrations support the association financially with voluntary contributions.  The initiative started in 2007 and has been carried out in cooperation between Coldiretti, CIA and Confcooperative, the 3 leading entrepreneurial associations of agricultural businesses in the rural district of Lunigiana. The membership is open to national and European academia, R&D centres and laboratories, financial institutions, consultancies, public service providers, other Living Labs.  Lunigiana Amica holds its premises in the Terrarossa Castle, at very centre of Lunigiana.  

Description of Concept

 Lunigiana Amica gathers and meets the local demand with the national/international offer for quality knowledge resources, business innovation and financial services to rural enterprises, promoting and enabling the participation of its associates (either by subgroups or individually) in innovative actions, pilot applications, research and demonstration projects, market development initiatives etc.   

References and Track Record

 The main focus of Lunigiana Amica is on providing innovation opportunities and services of economic interest to local small and micro enterprises. After 18 months of activity, the association is considered as the subject entity of reference for the external promotion of Lunigiana products and producers. Any technology/application that can be supportive to the global aims of Lunigiana Amica is tested and in case of positive results, adopted and implemented into territorial businesses and more generally, households and public administrations. Current examples include:

- a web service for territorial marketing and the electronic commerce of Lunigiana typical products (available at

- a network of operators active in the arson prevention, monitoring and control (ongoing as a WEARIT@WORK IP take-up action)

- an integrated portal for the creation of a “diffused accommodation” system in Lunigiana (now at feasibility study level).