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Walter HLAUSCHEK & Manfred SCHRENK (managing directors)CEIT - Central European Institute of TechnologyConcorde Business Park 2 / FA-2320 Schwechattel. +43 1 90360-1202fax +43 1 90360-1299

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User centric ICT developments under real life conditions – within the bounds of what is ethical!

Description of Concept

LivingLab Schwechat is part of Schwechat’s Information Society Initiative It focusses on rehabilitation and Ambient Assisted Living technologies as well as on modern urban and regional planning technologies. It’s open both to companies and research institutes. Schwechat’s municipal facilities represent a perfect context for trying out ICT developments. The small town structure, manageable population numbers and short distance to the municipality administration enable an effective environment for user centric product development. The Municipality’s commitment to deploy and demonstrate new technologies provides a good basis for a sustainable LivingLab. LivingLab Schwechat’s major stakeholders are the Municipality of Schwechat, CEIT Central European Institute of Technology, CEIT ALANOVA, CEIT RALTEC, Innovation Consultancy (managing the LivingLab Schwechat) and their business partners.

References and Track Record

Schwechat, a town with some 16.000 inhabitants but 20.000 workplaces lies directly south east of Vienna. It’s a modern industrial town home to several leading companies; e.g. OMV, Austrian Airlines or Vienna International Airport. Within the CEIT Central European Institute of Technology, CEIT ALANOVA and CEIT RALTEC were founded. CEIT RALTEC combines competence in ICT, assistive technologies and Ambient Assisted Living to support elderly people and those with special needs living independently at home. CEIT ALANOVA develops modern technologies for urban and regional planning, e.g. digital cities and GIS. With RISE Research Industrial Systems IT Engineering a further RTD facility was located here. In 2007 academia nova was founded running a technical high school for ICT as well as Dual Bachelor studies in ICT. Thus new technologies are not only tested in Schwechat, but innovations are created here. The first projects of LivingLab Schwechat started in 2006 when CEIT RALTEC carried out a field trial of a wireless home monitoring and independently living support system for elderly persons: eHome and eShoe.

Our interests and contribution

Interests: Exchange of best practices; common RTD projects; creating common services and sharing test facilities within the European Network of Living Labs. Contribution: Continuous user involvement including investigation of user needs and preferences leading to system requirements; evaluation of pre-prototypes; evaluation of final prototypes including analyses of actual benefits for the users; sociological, ethical and other non-technical aspects of RTD projects. LivingLab Schwechat offers its services for FP7 research consortia as well as for commercial RTD projects.