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Fundacion PRODINTEC (Technology Center for Industrial Design and Manufacturing)  Dr. Paula Queipo


P: +34984390060

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LivingCAR is an open initiative for the economical and social promotion of the region of Asturias (north of Spain)  by stimulating the use of electrical vehicles (EVs) applying the living lab research methodology for innovation. It was constituted in July 2009 by a public-private consortium involving private companies, public entities, technology center and users.   The main objective is that Asturias becomes a real-life laboratory for the implementation of EVs and their related infrastructure. Experiments have already started in Gijon, a small-medium size city.


The LivingCAR is understood as a real demonstration platform for extracting crucial information about:  Technical issues:

- To identify the advantages and disadvantages from the technical point of view when using EVs and the related infrastructure in existent life operating conditions, and measure their real impact.

- To find new business opportunities (related to car design, grid management, intelligent billing, infrastructure communication (ICT), etc.)

Social issues:

- To identify the social barriers when using electrical vehicles by extracting data from the live experiments and by evaluating citizens’ perception.  

- To name and promote governmental and institutional investments, standards and new regulations.  

References and Track Record

 Infrastructure: electrical vehicles (cars, motorbikes and bikes) and battery charging point network   Users: involved as EVs drivers. As different usage regimes are studied, users are selected in order to cover all the experiments planned. The first users were selected from the LivingCAR member’s staff as have the chance to drive an electrical vehicle from their company fleet.    Among other activities, big social demonstrations have been carried out with the objective of letting the citizens to participate as users and know the technology of the full EVs in order to fulfill the dissemination and social education aims of the living lab. More than 1300 people have already participated.